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Double Duty with Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Dove Advanced Care

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Everyone loves a product that can do double duty, right? I’m all about a multi-tasker. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant goes above and beyond odor and wetness protection to give you softer, smoother underarms after every shave. This is something I can really get on board with, I’ve always been a lover of all things Dove, they’re always my go-to and a brand that I go back to. I frequent Walmart at least three to four times a week, so Dove being there is ideal for me. 

Dove Advanced Care

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture, keeps you dry and odor-free for 48-hours! Pretty cool, yes? You can find scents perfect to keep you fresh all summer long at Walmart, there are sixteen to choose from. I tried out the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant  in Restore and Beauty Finish. Beauty Finish is always one of my favorites. 

Dove Advanced Care Restore Dove Advanced Care Beauty Finish48-hour odor and wetness protection plus NutriumMoisture technology for the ultimate underarm care. Dove is the #1 brand recommended by dermatologists. I’ve really noticed how smooth my underarms were almost immediately after the first few uses. It keeps me odor free even while working out and running around for errands. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is clinically proven to reduce irritation from shaving and provides softer, smoother skin in just three days.

Dove Advanced Care Beauty FInish

From the time I applied and basically through out the entire day I could still smell the subtle fresh scent. I had zero irritation while using it and no white marks on dark tee’s. Like I said, it gave me the confidence I needed to go sleeveless, I wasn’t concerned with dry skin or un-fresh underarms. A good deodorant is definitely a front runner to keep you confident all day long, for sure. I have absolutely been loving it!


See why Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is this summer’s essential beauty upgrade at Walmart!

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