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Hair Color Update

Garnier Olia Conditioner

I’m sharing #MyOliaStory as part of a Garnier sponsored series for Socialstars™

It’s been about four weeks since I went from Pastel Hair to Brown Hair and I thought it would be fun just to update you on all things hair! I think at this point I just might love the Garnier® Olia® Hair Color more than I did when I first dyed my hair. Usually when you dye your hair, you’re going to experience some fading and when that happens your color may start to look a bit dull and and not as shiny. With the Garnier Olia, my hair has stayed just as shiny as the day I dyed it. I used the Shade Selector and we landed on 6.0 Light Brown after going in with a filler color since I was going from a pastel shade.

Pastel Hair to Brown Hair with Garnier Olia®

The final result was absolutely gorgeous, I was worried going from a creative color to something more natural would leave me bored, I was wrong. I love it. I love how dimensional it is. It’s a super light brown, a color I have never played with before, and because of the pastel and lightness of my hair going in, my ends were a lighter brown/dark blonde when all was said and done.

Two Day Hair

It’s definitely faded/lightened a bit from being out in the sun but it’s hardly noticeable and like I said, it’s still as shiny as it was on day one. It doesn’t look like it’s been dyed, it looks healthy and full of life. I shared a photo on Instagram recently and I feel like you can get a pretty good idea of where I’m at now in the process.

It’s still super shiny and the color really has some staying power. I was afraid that with fading it might lean more on the red side of things, since I used an Auburn shade as the filler but it’s really held up nicely.

Garnier Olia Conditioner

A big part of the reason it has stayed so full of life, is the Garnier Olia After Color Conditioner, I’m sure. Each box of dye comes with a couple of things, one of which is the conditioner and I have been using it weekly. I feel like it’s really helping to keep everything looking great. It’s also powered by 60% oil so I’m sure that plays a part as well to make this ammonia free hair color so awesome. 

Garnier Olia Garnier Olia Colorant Garnier Olia Developer

You get everything you need, to have a salon quality hair color, in the comfort of your own home. I can’t even count the people who have mentioned how much they love the color. My husband especially loves it. I’m definitely a fan of switching things up so I’m glad the Garnier Olia Hair Color gives me the freedom to do that at home, I’m exciting to continue with #MyOliaStory and keep you update on where we go from here!

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