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How To Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

Summer Shake Up Kit the perfect confidence booster.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Medifast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

About a year ago I was fully into our #NoExcuses series and I was in a great place with my weight loss, working out regularly, staying motivated, and getting closer to my ideal weight. Things went a bit out into left field though, we were getting ready to move into our bigger apartment, work really picked up and I just got super busy with everything. All in all, I was making excuses not to work. I wasn’t making the best choices food wise. I managed to maintain my weight for awhile but eventually my relaxed attitude to exercise and food choices got a bit too relaxed and I gained some of it back. One of my very best friends is getting married in November, and I have the honor of being a bridesmaid. With that date getting closer and closer and all the activities that will lead up to it this summer, I am definitely back into a place where I want to shake things up. I want to jump start my weight loss. I want to have fun this summer and really feel great about myself. Summer Shake Up Kit the perfect confidence booster. To shake things up and get a jump-start to my weight loss, I’m trying out the Medifast® Summer Shake Up™ Kit! This is simple and something I will definitely be motivated to stick to because it lasts 7-days. I know that for me, getting back into the weight loss mind set is going to take some will power and self motivation on my part and having the tools I need right inside of the kit really fits my busy lifestyle perfectly. I’m starting the Summer Shake Up™ Kit as you read this and I’m excited to let you all know how it goes. The biggest part of weight loss for me, like I said, is motivation. So I thought it would be fun, as I start this to share some ways that I keep motivated. Summer Shake Up™ Kit


When it comes to looking at weight loss, whether it’s 5lbs or 20 that you feel like you need to lose, the thought alone can be pretty daunting. So make small goals. This go around, my first goal is going to be make better choices. This is where the Summer Shake Up™ Kit will come in handy, being that it’s a 7-day jump-start you only need to look at getting the week done.


Choose something that’s going to fit your needs. If you can’t get out and run three miles, don’t beat yourself up over it. This is all about you and boosting your confidence. Setting yourself up for failure won’t help matters and will leave you wanting to quit. Be realistic and the motivation will come. Summer Shake Up™ Kits


A big motivation for me is to write down the things I am looking forward to, the reasons I want to lose weight and how I plan to do it. That way whenever I’m feeling a little less than motivated, I can pull out my journal and go through why I’m doing this.


This is HUGE for motivation. Celebrate everything. Finish one day? Give yourself a pat on the back. Made it through day three? Go get yourself a manicure. I find that this reward system really helps to keep me going. Summer Shake Up™ Kit


Nothing kills my vibe more than having no idea what I’m going to eat that will still be a good choice. I don’t always have time to research meals. That’s why I am SO excited for the Medifast® Summer Shake Up™ Kit because you’ve got everything you need. There’s no question about what your next meal will be, because you’ve got it at your fingertips, they’re taking the guess work out of it and I’m thrilled. Summer Shake Up™ Kit The Medifast® Summer Shake Up™ Kit has me excited about my weight loss goals for the first time in awhile and that’s what matters the most. Everything else will be a bonus! Be sure to stay tuned, because I will definitely be back to let you know how #SummerShakeUp went and follow along on Snapchat as I’m sure I’ll be chatting about it.


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