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At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

I’m sharing #MyOliaStory as part of a Garnier sponsored series for Socialstars™

I have colored my own hair more times than I can count. Some times at-home color gets a bad rap, I don’t buy into that. It’s always worked out for me and it’s an affordable option. Garnier Olia gives you salon quality results, in the comfort of your own home. For anyone who is new to at home hair dye or if you need a bit of a refresher course, I thought I would continue #MyOliaStory and share a tutorial with you as I refresh my color.


You’ll want to start with dry, detangled, unwashed hair. I’m on day three hair here. Make sure you check out the Shade Selector tool to pick the color that’s right for you, whether you’re doing a refresh or root touch up.

At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

Next up, grab some hair clips because in the next step we’re going to section our hair. If you have longer hair, you’ll need a few more clips. Since my hair is so short and fine I can get the job done with just two.

At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

I section into three parts. The top half into two sections and then I leave the bottom shorter strands out.

instructions At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

The box of Garnier Olia® Hair Color comes with instructions as well, if you need a refresher course. Once you put your gloves on, grab your mixing bottle. 

Developer Colorant Olia® Hair Color

You take the Developer + Colorant and mix it by shaking it inside of your easy to use bottle. Garnier Olia® Hair Color is one of my favorites and it’s a ammonia free hair color, powered by 60% oil. 

At Home Hair Dye Tutorial At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

Once you have everything mixed up, you’re going to apply it to each section from root to tip. The applicator bottle is truly awesome, it makes application a breeze.

At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

Once your hair is completely saturated, you’re going to leave it on for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, massage hair and scalp while you’re still wearing your gloves to help optimize the rinsing process. Rinse your hair until all the water runs clear, apply the after color conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for two minutes, rinse, towel dry and style as usual.

At Home Hair Dye Tutorial At Home Hair Dye Tutorial

Let me know if you try out the Garnier Olia® Hair Color for yourself!


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