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Pretty Little Things

I’m sharing #OBelievers in my life as part of an o.b.®  sponsored series for Socialstars™

Today we’re chatting about the little things in life. I feel like many of you will agree when I say life really is all about the little things. The little notes you share with your significant other, sunshine after a storm, just because gifts between friends and walks in the park. Little things that make us appreciate the bigger things.

Celebrating the little things.

Every once in awhile I want to celebrate my girlfriends and celebrate the little things. I feel like one of the great ways to do this is when it’s your besties time of the month. For me, when Aunt Flo comes to town, I am miserable. So little things always help to bring a smile to my face and make it a bit easier. I assume that reigns true for a lot of women. I know it does for one of my best friends. So knowing that sometimes it’s a little rough for her, chasing two five year olds and dealing with everyday stresses I went ahead and put a little care package together for her, of some of my favorite pretty little things. 

Celebrating the little things

First up I grabbed some of her favorite candies. Candy makes everything better, am I right? Such a little thing, but something sweet is so very needed when you’re having a hard day.

Celebrating the little things

I wanted to include something that had a purpose. Even small, it works. A cute little notebook with a side of motivation. And some stickers so she can plan out her days or week.
Celebrating The Little Things

And of course, since it is in fact that time of the month and that’s what this little care package is focusing on, I grabbed some o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons. These are my favorite, and I love to share when I find something that is awesome. I was comfortable putting these into the package because while every woman’s body is different,  o.b.® Tampons help stop leaks by expanding all around to fit each unique shape. Perfect for everyone! They are the only tampon with SilkTouch™ cover for ultimate comfort and protections, which really helps with that whole running around constantly after her kids, she can be confident that she’s gonna be comfortable. And you know, they’re extremely compact so I could get a little punny with taking the whole little things theme to the next level. 

Celebrating The Little Things

I almost forgot to add a pen in for the notebook, I found a cute little pen with a design to match the stickers. Plus some hand lotion and lip balm for a little beauty aspect.

Celebrating The Little Things

Let me know your favorite way to celebrate the little things!

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