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5 Items Every Girl Should Have In Their Bag

I tend to spend a lot of time watching crime series, and all of the detectives and agents always have these things called go-bags so that they’re ready at a moments notice to go fight crime or whatever it is that they do. Over time, I’ve racked up my fair share of weddings and special events where all sorts of stuff goes wrong so I always have a little in case of emergency bag with me that I refer to as my go bag.

5 Must Have Go Bag ItemsI’m sharing #OBelievers in my life as part of an o.b.®  sponsored series for Socialstars™

You may think it’s crazy that this go bag only houses 5 simple things but I’ve perfected it over the years and it seems to be what everyone is always missing from their own in case of emergency bags. While they’re concerned with whitening strips and spray starch, I’ve got the real essentials.

5 Must Have Go Bag Items

First up, a shade of lipstick that looks great on every single skin tone. That way, if you’re at a wedding and eating and drinking and no one grabbed a touch-up kit, you’ve got them covered because you have the perfect shade for everyone.

5 Must Have Go Bag Items

Hair ties and hairpins, there is almost always going to be some sort of hair malfunction when your friend is getting married or you’re at a huge event. These will be a crowd pleaser.

5 Must Have Go Bag Items

Everyone is sure to be stocked up on aspirin. I try to think outside the box. I bring allergy meds because I’ve been to three weddings where people have had allergic reactions to everything from a mosquito to a shrimp, I’m super prepared should that situation arise.

5 Must Have Go Bag Items

Always, always carry tampons. There is nothing worse than getting your period during an event, but o.b.® Tampons are the perfect packing item to combat this annoyance. They’re super discreet so you can pass them between friends easily in your bag. And like our perfect lipstick shade,  o.b.® Tampons help stop leaks by expanding all around to fit each unique shape, so they’re perfect for every woman. 

What would you pack in your go bag?

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