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Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends

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I wouldn’t be a blogger worth a thing if I didn’t keep up with the latest trends. From the runways to strobing, I’m always on the look out for what’s hot this season. This summer is no different, jewelry is taking on a life of it’s own and I’m super excited. I have an affinity for a great piece of jewelry. You can add some flare to any outfit with a cool piece of jewelry. I wanted to share some of my favorite trends in jewelry this year. Modern Pearls, Geometrics and Industrial Arts are some trends that are definitely going to come play in my outfits this summer.


Modern Pearls

I remember being a little girl and staring at my grandmother’s pearls, waiting for the day that they would be mine as she promised. When I turned sixteen, she handed me a beautifully wrapped box with a gorgeous necklace and earrings inside. I treasure those till this day, however, they’re not quite something that can be worn on the daily and go with my style. Modern Pearls is an uber-hip trend that takes grandma’s pearls to a whole new level of chic.


Industrial Arts

I’m a huge fan of matte finishes whether it be my foundation, my nails or my jewelry. Industrial Arts takes matte finishes, black diamonds and dark metals and gives us these stunning pieces. These would be perfect for an edgy and chic date night look.



Geometrics is likely my favorite trend this season. It’s full of bold shapes, oversized gemstones with highlighted cutouts. Simply amazing. I mean, would you look at those blue gems? They are perfect for me and completely fit in with my style.

Interested in seeing more about the 2016 jewelry trends? Head over to JCK, they’re the top destination for discovering new jewelry designers and trends. Jewelry trends are born there, it’s really an awesome resource to check out if you’re in the market for some new pieces.

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