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Hotel Room Workout

Living on the road full time means that my exercise regimens have to sometimes get creative. If the hotel gym is full or if there is no hotel gym, I’ll grab a workout in my room. I typically don’t carry around workout equipment so I’ll just use the things that are available to me (like a coffee table or the side of the bath tub). Here’s a workout for you that requires no equipment…

Hotel Room Workout


 Note: Please consult with a physician prior to engaging in any kind of exercise regimen. It’s better to get the okay from your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine…you want to make sure your body can handle the stress of exercise.

Quick Tips:

The Door Pull-ups: The bathroom door or closet door will work for this exercise. Open the door. Put one foot on either side of door and grab a hold of the door handles (one hand on each handle). Make sure to grab the handles with your palms facing each other. Lean backwards until your body is completely straight at an angle to the door. Keep your core engaged (think belly button to the spine) and pull yourself back towards the edge of the door. Exhale on the pull. Inhale on the release back to the start position. Repeat.

Front Shoulder Raises: Grab a full water bottle. Hold it perpendicular to the floor (water bottle in the natural upright position). Start with your arm down by your side and lift the bottle straight up in front of you. Lift to the point of where your wrist becomes in line with your shoulder and then lower back down. Repeat on the other side.

Happy Workout!


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