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The Beauty Edit: Beat The Heat

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It’s basically a bazillion degrees out. Every single day it just gets hotter and hotter. I have an arsenal of beauty products that help me beat the heat. The temperatures continue to rise and these products will help you chill out.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Water Gel Moisturizer

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Water Gel Moisturizer  //  I’ve never been to a french volcano, but if this is what’s inside, sign me up. This is a fortifying 48 Hour hydrating fresh water gel moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that is perfection for the summer. My skin tends to take a beating from the sun and I love using this. It’s super lightweight and oil-free, my skin is left moisturized and glowing. It’s cooling and dries perfectly without leaving you sticky. 

  • Mineralizing Thermal Water: Strengthens skin against external aggressors
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Able to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water leaving the skin plumped with moisture.
  • Aquabioryl: Acts more deeply in the epidermis for a long-lasting hydrating and soothing effect.
  • Y-Carrageenans: Reinforces skin barrier, locks in hydration hour after hour and smoothes the skin’s surface.

You can use this day and night, applied to dry and cleansed skin. Just a small amount will do and you’ll be good to go. This is perfect for normal to combination skin.

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Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips

Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips  //  Let me just tell you, I hate hair. I hate shaving. I hate it all. These strips are my jam. Especially because they’re not painful, no cringing and no wincing with these. Harnessing Nad’s patented Xfol™ technology, these unique strips contain an exfoliator on the outside and wax on the inside to deliver the smoothest hair-free results with each use. I’m always in shock that you can do this at home. Its coarse outer surface buffs away buildup of dead skin cells and releases trapped ingrown hair, allowing the premium wax on the inside to adhere and remove even more hair for the best possible results at home.

Used weekly, the Nad’s Exfoliating Wax Strips’ powerful exfoliating properties helps to minimize and prevent the occurrence of pesky ingrown hairs while also keeping skin feeling smooth, hairless and glowing

If you’re on the lookout for hair removal, give this a try! Check it out here.

Butter™ London Lost In Leisure Lacquer Set

Butter™ London Lost In Leisure Lacquer Set  //  Is this not the cutest limited edition set you ever did see? When I think of summer shades, these are what come to mind. It’s basically like a mini vacation when this collection lands on your doorstep. Sip on a fruity cocktail and pick a color or use them all!

  • High shine finish with chip resistant wear
  • Contains Hydrolyzed Silk, Horsetail Extract, Vitamins B, C, and E

They’re perfect for your next mani or pedi and will last you through a week long vacay!

LaCroix Cúrate Melón Pomelo

LaCroix Cúrate Melón Pomelo  //  Let me just tell you, I’ve been trying to drink at least 100 ounces of water a day and it is BORING. I’m a fan of soda and have basically cut it out of my life but I needed a replacement. LaCroix is my jam. LaCroix Cúrate flavors are inspired by two cultures: French & Spanish. The two I’ve tried are delicious and they’re on the shopping list! 

  • Sparkling, not a Flat Hydration source
  • Ideal alternative to colas and diet colas
  • 100% natural (0 sodium, 0 sugars/sweeteners, 0 caffeine, 0 calories/fat)

You can find out more about them here.

Tempting by Sofia Vergara

Tempting by Sofia Vergara  //  My favorite part of summer is fragrances. I love a super fresh and fruit scent and this embodies both. The fragrance encompasses juicy exotic fruits, bold floral accents, and vibrant wood notes. Tempting by Sofia Vergara is addictive and flirtatious with effortless femininity.

  • Bonus Tip: When applying to your pulse points, spritz on each wrist but don’t rub them together, let it air dry. Fabulous. 

The 1 oz. fragrance is currently available exclusively at Perfumania online and in stores. The 3.4 oz. (as well as the 1 oz.) will hit major retailers nationwide in September.