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I’m A Quitter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tazo® Tea for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m a quitter. It feels good to say that out loud. There aren’t very many times in our lives that we get excited to quit something. In fact, quitting is almost never an option unless you’re quitting something that’s not so great for you. For me, that’s soda. When I decided to really give this weight loss and exercise routine my all, I knew that I couldn’t do it with the multiple sodas I was having all day, every day. It would just work against me. So I decided to quit. It was a bit of a long road, and I still have my cheat days but I’ve completely quit the way I was doing it. At one point, I was probably drinking a 2 liter every day and now, I’m not. My days consist of mostly water. Which brings us here. I hate water. I drink it because I know that I need to. The benefits far outweigh my distaste for it. I knew going in this lifestyle change wouldn’t be easy and I would need some kind of zest in my life while still sticking to a healthy routine. For me, tea has been a savior. Tazo Passion I’ve been adding different teas into my everyday routine. It gives me that much-needed zest that I need. At Tazo, tea is a celebration of flavor and aroma that adds a little excitement to your day. They focus their teas around taste, crafting them with exhilarating, unexpected flavor blends that delight the senses. With Tazo, you don’t just sip, you Sip Joyfully. The Passion® blend is one of my absolute faves. Tazo Passion Tea & how I quit drinking soda The passion blend is an exuberant herbal infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips & passion fruit flavors. So much zest in one little cup. I usually grab for this about midday while I’m working on editing photos or writing a post. I’m actually sipping on it right now. Tazo-Passion-Tea-Hot It’s caffeine free so it’s also something that I reach for before bed when water just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. Tazo-Zen The Zen blend is an after-workout fave for me. A harmonious blend of green tea with lemongrass & spearmint. It keeps me feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of day and recover from my workout. Workout-RecoveryTazo Teas are made with some of the finest quality tea leaves, spices and botanicals to create unexpected blends that are always vibrantly delicious which you can find at your local grocery store. They had me at vibrantly delicious because water just is not. It needs some help. Tazo-Workout If english breakfast is your thing, try out the Awake™ English Breakfast blend, a breakfast-style black tea of malty boldness & bright flavor, invigorating any time of day. Tazo-Zen-WorkoutTazo’s social channels let you get to know Tazo through fun and lighthearted engagement so be sure to check them out and head to to Tazo near you!



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