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The Future Of Skincare With HiMirror

The Future of Skincare with HiMirror

The Future of Skincare with HiMirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Please oh please, show me all my flaws. Is that something you ever thought you’d be thinking while looking at a mirror? Probably not however I am here to tell you, this is the future of skincare. We live in a world of smart this and smart that, from our phones to our televisions everything in our lives has entered the realm of smart so it seems only right that our mirrors catch up with the rest of our devices.

The HiMirror aims to be your personal beauty best friend, a consultant of sorts, right in the privacy of your own home. Smart Mirror, Smarter Beauty.

The Future of Skincare with HiMirror

It’s definitely the future of skincare, HiMirror comes with facial and voice recognition account access. The ability to scan your face and assess your skincare concerns right there at the moment. With a simple makeup free photo, users receive a Skin Index Synthesis report evaluating: • Healthiness • Clarity  • Firmness  • Texture  • Brightness. Detects: • Dark Spots  • Red Spots  • Dark Eye Circles  • Wrinkles and fine lines  • Pores • Complexion. The skin history tracking system records your skin’s condition and then compares it with previous months. This will help you come up with the best skincare routine and figure out which products really work for you. Is that $300 serum actually getting the job done? Or do you get the same results with a drugstore product? HiMirror will help you figure it out.

The Future of Skincare with HiMirror

You simply take a photo and the HiMirror does everything else for you. The HiMirror will take the guesswork out of skin care for you and monitor your skin. You can use this daily, record your skincare routine and the HiMirror will analyze changes in your skin and identify which products worked best. The camera is awesome because you can close it up, which really put my paranoia about creepers at rest.

The Future of Skin care with HiMirror

You can set trackable goals and the HiMirror will offer personalized beauty & skincare product recommendations as well as track your beauty products.

The Future of Skincare with himirror

The HiMirror is a 14″ LCD panel screen, the mirror itself weighs 5.5 lbs and has a high-resolution camera with a ring light, a microphone (for voice recognition) and built-in speakers. The speakers come in handy for playing Spotify directly from the HiMirror itself. Installing the mirror seemed daunting to me at first, I had my husband help and it was easy for him, took about 5 minutes. You need to hang the mirror so that it can be at eye level and plugged in, it needs to be plugged in while you’re using it. I had to grab an extension cord to make this work, as the cord that comes with HiMirror is a bit short. You can either hang it directly on the wall like I did in my office on my gallery wall or it comes with adhesive and can be hung on a bathroom mirror. Once it’s physically installed, you can start connecting the mirror via WiFi with the app (ios + Android) to work in conjunction with the mirror.

Using the mirror had a bit of a learning curve for me. The voice recognition is simple but the hand gestures took me some getting used to, I found that using your arms much like you would a magic wand makes it 10x easier to work with. But once I got the hang of it, I was good to go. It took my photo, analyzed my skin and told me I needed to sleep more and drink more water, thanks for the reminder. It also noticed my dryness and redness so I know what to work into my routine.

The Future of Skincare with HiMirror

HiMirror will play video tutorials on the best skincare routines and techniques. You can add all of the skincare and beauty products you’re already using so it can determine whether they’re affecting treating your target areas. It’s super easy to add a product to your “Beauty Box”, you can just hold the barcode up to the camera and it will scan it. Most of the larger brands I’ve tried have worked and been added a few smaller skincare brands I couldn’t find in the system yet but I’m sure they’ll be constantly updating it.


HiMirror is currently having a sale, so now is the best time to grab this mirror and try out the future of skincare!

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