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Date Night Ready

Subtle Wedding Makeup

I’ve been with my husband since high school so we never really did the traditional dating thing. I’ve always enjoyed hearing my friends talk about their different dating stories, and sitting with them as they get ready for date, it’s one of the best parts of dating I’m told.

Subtle Wedding Makeup with Covergirl

Of course, my husband and I date now and I’m a big fan of the getting ready part.

I’m a planner, so one of the first things I do is plan specific days in the month that will be “date night.” Then I focus on picking out where we are going to go. For us, it’s usually dinner. I really like finding new restaurants to visit.

The day of, I plan out my outfit and figure out what’s appropriate for the restaurant we are going to. Is it a dressy place or something more casual? Does the restaurant have a theme? Hey, you never know! I usually put a bit more effort into my outfit and try to get more dressed up than usual.

And of course, I love the makeup part of getting ready. I set aside time so I can really work on my makeup and feel confident.

Kim, over at The Makeup Blogger, is a professional makeup artist so she is always sharing tips and tricks.  She recently shared a dating story that I found hilarious and relatable. I know many women — my friends included — who have gone through similar situations! In this post, she talks about how she gets ready for her nights out, and recounts some of the total flops she has had along the way.

Go read Kim’s post to learn how a single woman in LA is surviving the dating scene, and looks great doing it!

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