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How A Tarot Card Reading Changed This Blog

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How A Tarot Card Reading Changed This Blog

For the better part of 2016 I have been in this super strange place, a place where I haven’t been in quite some time. A where do I go from here kind of place. When I started Hairspray and Highheels it was meant to be a beauty and nail blog, somewhere I could chat about my polish obsession and what new product I was loving. An outlet to connect me to people who shared similar interests. It has grown into something beyond my wildest dreams. And as Hairspray and Highheels has grown, I’ve grown with it. My interests have changed and my focus has changed. It became more than products, it became a career. A career that I am so passionate about that sometimes I feel it in my bones. A career that I pour my heart and soul into. The last half of this year of I’ve really been thinking about taking Hairspray and Highheels into a lifestyle blog. Branching out on topics and sharing other parts of my life with you all that I am just as passionate about as that brand new mascara. I’ve touched on lifestyle, cocktails, and even tech gadgets and recipes in the past but it’s always been 90% beauty, and I’m looking to maybe balance that out a bit. And offer women and men a place to go for everything from mascara to home decor. And I’ve decided to do it, because of a tarot reading.

How A Tarot Card Reading Changed This Blog

Change is scary. Even with the support of my family, friends, and readers I was still having trouble making the decision once and for all. I had so many questions. Is it the right path? Am I crazy for doing this? Could I end up failing? So many questions and I needed some guidance, a few answers, and really just an outside perspective. So it seemed so fitting that this opportunity to work with Keen came at literally the perfect time for me. Keen is the oldest and largest community of trusted advisors across a range of disciplines, including: Love & Relationships, Psychic, Spiritual, Empathic and Tarot.

How A Tarot Card Reading Changed This Blog

I know there will be people who think that this is super strange, but I promise you it is not. So many people turn to online readings to help them in situations from love to career. Keen has something for everyone. I was a little nervous going into my reading. I went with the online chat option (you can also call in) and the woman who did my first reading made me feel so incredibly comfortable. Psychics can provide answers and guidance and help you navigate serious concerns. It’s something I’ve always been so interested in. I have had tarot readings in the past but being able to do this online, in the privacy of my own home made it extra intriguing for me.

My online reading lasted a little over 20 minutes and I was so impressed. I went into focusing on my career path and asked a question relating to that. “I’m not sure if I should keep doing what I’m doing or start looking down a new path to take what I’m already doing in a new direction.” The response was everything I needed and more. She said everything I was already feeling, that with where I was at right now I wasn’t feeling challenged enough and I was craving something new. She felt like expansion would be a good thing, albeit a ton of work and longer hours for a bit but ultimately the right way to go. She told me, “The good thing is you have good instincts and the know how to make it work. You are being called on to trust your gut.” and I felt like that alone, was everything I needed to hear. It’s okay to be nervous about change but ultimately trust my gut, which is what I was having trouble doing. It was after this reading that I made the decision to take this blog on a lifestyle ride like it’s never seen before. I have so many plans that you’re going to get to watch being executed in the next few weeks. A travel series, a tech series, some new beauty series, weekly adult coloring book printables, and so much more. 

How A Tarot Card Reading Changed This Blog

We also touched on branching out into blog coaching in my tarot reading. Which is another thing that has been on my mind lately; starting a series to really help others take their blogs to the next level and make it a full-time career if that’s what they’re looking for. I’m so excited for these changes, and to be completely honest, if I hadn’t gone to Keen and had these readings I would not have done it. I’d have kept everything the same most likely and been too scared to take the leap. My first reading with Keen gave me the guidance and faith I needed to make the leap.

Psychics can provide answers and guidance on wide range of issues including: love, relationship, compatibility, prosperity, career, and more. Keen is the place to go, and they have this amazing Exclusive Holiday Offer for you that I am telling you is too good to pass up. 10 minutes for only $1! You’ll pick your advisor, scroll through hundreds and find someone who is right for you. Connect via chat or call in and start your journey. I’m excited to continue to share my journey with you, and I plan to continue to use Keen, so I hope to share some more of my stories with you.

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