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5 Products to Add to Your Morning Routine

My morning routine is usually pretty quick. I don’t take a ton of time to get ready, mainly because I work from home. However, it was the same when I worked outside of my home as well. I want my morning routine to be super easy and quick. Whether I’m staying home or running errands. I want to share the favorites from my entire morning routine.

5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine

  1. Powder Foundation: Recently, I have been reaching for powder foundation over liquid because it cuts my makeup routine in half. I throw on my skincare products, maybe some concealer and go straight to the powder. I get the same kind of coverage and it lasts longer.
  2. Staple Lipsticks/Balms: My lips tend to be on the dry side so I reach for a balm and then apply one of my favorite lipsticks. I always feel more put-together with lipstick on.
  3. Neutral Eye Palette: A palette with a bunch of neutral shades is great for a daily routine. If I can find four shades in a palette that I love, I usually stick with that palette for awhile.
  4. Brightening Primer: This will change your makeup game. I use an eyeshadow primer that has a bit of illuminating power behind it because it makes me appear more awake.
  5. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant:  I think that I talk about Dove more than anything else around here. Because I am so in love with this line of deodorants. The Nutrium Moisture makes it so that your skin stays soft and smooth all day long. One of the best products inside of my entire routine, not just mornings.

5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine 5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine 5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine

As women, we need to expect more than just protection from our deodorants. And other ladies agree, just look at a few of these 5-Star Reviews!

“Not only did the scent last, the wetness protection did, too. This deodorant also has great moisturizing ability. I honestly think my underarm skin looks healthier after using it!” – Gaylasp

“I just love this product! I love the scent and the and the way it softens my underarms at the same time! I have recommended it to my three daughters!” – Donnie

5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine 5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine

Not only is it a great part of a morning routine, but it’s the right choice for your overall skincare routine as well. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant offers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection plus added skincare benefits with its Nutrium Moisture formula and Dove ¼ moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms.

5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine 5 Products To Add To Your Morning Routine

Let me know what your morning routine looks like, I’d love to hear what you all use and if you’ve made the switch to Dove Advanced Care yet!

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