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Mermaid Makeup Brushes You Need Right Now

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole again. MERMAID MAKEUP BRUSHES ON AMAZON. OH MY GOD. I am completely obsessed. Sometimes I buy makeup brushes to use, and sometimes I buy them just because they’re pretty. Good thing, this list has both. And then some. Get your Prime account ready, because these mermaid makeup brushes need to live with you right now.

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU. LOOK at these fabulous MERMAID Makeup Brushes. You NEED them in your life!

I’m not even kidding, I don’t think my fingers have ever hit “Add To Cart” so fast. I saw these and knew they needed to live with me. And then I went digging for more. Must own all the mermaid makeup brushes. Right now.

  1. Mermaid Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brushes Set: I know these aren’t shaped like mermaid tails but the colors? Amazing. So who cares. I need them anyway.
  2. Fantasy Pink Blue Fish Makeup Brush: I guess this is for powders or even contour. I am obsessed with this little cutie. SO PRETTY.
  3. Mermaid Dreams Make Up Brush Set: Um hello pretty makeup brush bag holder.
  5. Mermaid Makeup Brush Set: I LOVE the colors on these ones! And they’re so CHEAP.
  6. Docolor Professional Kabuki Flat Contour Trimming Brush Face: This has basically nothing to do with mermaids but it’s gorgeous. So get it. Right meow.
  7. New Fashionable Soft Oval Multipurpose Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set: I guess the colors put these in the “Let’s Be Mermaids” category. So pretty.
  8. Mermaid Contour Makeup Foundation Brushes for Smooth Makeup Application: I am obsessed with the gold. Obsessed.
  9. Super Soft 6PCS Cosmetic Eyeshadow Brush-Purple: Truth be told, I ordered two sets of these. Because I’ve heard awesome things and I also wanted a set just for show.
  10. Mermaid Makeup Brushes 7 Pieces Professional Makeup Brush Set: Isn’t the orange just fantastic?
  11. Beauty Kate Oval Makeup Brush Diamond Mermaid 10pcs Cosmetics Brushes Set: If it’s rose gold, it’s for me.
  12. 10Pcs Fantasy Set Foundation Powder Eyeshadow Kit: Glitter + Pastel? So pretty.
  13. Mermaid Brush – Rose Gold: Another version of the pretty gradient mermaid brush.

Now that you have taken a peek at all of our favorite mermaid makeup brushes. Be sure to check out our full collection of Amazon posts.

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU. LOOK at these fabulous MERMAID Makeup Brushes. You NEED them in your life!

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