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5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips

5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips

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Whether you’re a blushing bride or an excited wedding guest, Fall Weddings can be a daunting task. More than likely we’re stuck in that weather conundrum where it could still be warm or the crisp air came early, or even a little bit of both. Maybe it’s warm all day and colder at night. I’ve got 5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips to get you through any fall wedding.

5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips

1 || BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK || I don’t care what anyone says, black is absolutely the easiest option when it comes to wedding guest attire, for both men and women. In Fall, chances are I’m opting for a floor length black gown since the chances of it being colder are more prevalent. Obviously, if you’re the bride in this scenario you’re probably wearing white.

  • For the ladies: Grab Degree Motionsense DRYSPRAY Ultraclear Black + White: This dry spray antiperspirant is one of my all time faves. It has sweat protection, prevents white marks, for the blushing brides, anti yellow stains. Win, win, win.
  • For the gents: Grab yourself Dove Men Care Dry Spray Invisible: Wedding days can be stressful and you want to avoid marks at all costs, am I right? This will help you avoid sweat stains and white marks.

2 || CURL YOUR HAIR || This is my go-to style when it comes to wedding hair. Curls have more texture and add a little bit of something to your look.

5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips 5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips 5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips

3 || PUFFY EYES? NO PROBLEM || Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Add a cup of green tea to your morning session, save the bag, let them cool and toss them on your eyes for about 20 minutes.

4 || KEEP IT LIGHT || Don’t opt for harsh contours or bright lip colors. I usually like to make my eyes pop and go for a mauve-y lip when I’m attending weddings. It shows up great in photos so you’ll enjoy reliving those memories every year on Facebook without wondering why you wore that hot pink lipstick 😉

5 || STAY DRY || You’re running around, photos are happening every five minutes, in between you’re having so many dance parties. You have exactly zero time for sweating and even less time for white marks on your black dress or yellow stains on your wedding dress or dress shirt. Picking the right antiperspirant is going to be clutch. It needs to fit your lifestyle and your day.

5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips 5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this or a lady buying for her main dude. Axe Antiperspirant Dry Spray Signature GOLD will be your new best friend. It’s perfect for special events, has anti marks protection and will help you avoid sweat marks.

5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips 5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips

Upgrade your regular deodorants, to Dove, Degree or AXE dry spray, it’s time. These deodorants offer a variety of benefits over their competition, including dry sprays preventing embarrassing marks on clothing. And because you KNOW that we love Walgreens, I’ve got the 411 on some hot deals for you!

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5 Fall Wedding Beauty Tips



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