DIY Gel-Like Nails

DIY Gel Like Nails!

Way back when I did a DIY Gel Nails post, it is still one of the MOST viewed articles on Hairspray and Highheels. I get tagged on Instagram from people weekly who are trying and loving the technique, it’s been pinned over 100 thousand times. It’s one of my favorite ways to do my nails. It lasts forever and depending on the color of choice almost always passes the 7 day chip test. It’s amazing and I am obsessed. However, in the time since writing it I have come up with a major hack to the process that may make it easier for some of the folks who reached out because they were having issues with it lasting the full 7 days. I still stand by the original process BUT if you found that the color was not so much chipping as it was peeling, this update is for you.

DIY Gel Like Nails

The finishes manicure, on day six, without a chip in sight. So, how do we pull this off? The original tutorial uses Gelous as the base coat. But to combat peeling polish we’re going to go with this new hack as the base.


  • Apply 1 THIN layer of OPI Natural Base Coat (I’ve tried a few bases, this one is the all-star) & let dry
  • Apply 1 coat of the nail polish of your choice, I went with this Sally Hansen Metallic & let dry
  • Apply 1 THIN coat of Gelous & let dry
  • Apply 1 coat of the nail polish of your choice & let dry
  • Apply 1 THIN coat of Seche Vite & let dry
  • Apply 1 THIN coat of Gelous & let dry


*When I say ‘let dry’, I let it set for about 45 seconds each time before moving on.
*Each coat should be a thin one
*You can use ANY nail polish, it DOES NOT need to a ‘Gel’ polish.
*For the top coat, I used Seche Vite but you can feel free to use whatever you have one hand; just be sure it’s a good quality because certain top coats will bubble, I’ve tried so many and Seche really works the best for this style. *Removal is easy, I used 1 cotton ball for all 10 fingers. I do use 100% acetone remover to remove my polish.

Refresh Your Mani

Easy ways to update your mani with Q-Tips precision tips!

I’ve got another super easy manicure for y’all. This one is so much fun because it’s a bit of an update. So you know, you paint your nails and a few days in you may have some chips or the color has dulled. So instead of going for a whole new manicure, I have some tricks up my sleeve to update what you’re already wearing.

Q-tips Precision Tips are my absolute favorite nail art tool. The tapered ends make it easy to achieve a detailed look with out even trying. They’re also pretty perfect for cleaning up the cuticle area. Do y’all use any little tools for your manicures? It’s so much fun.

Easy ways to update your mani with Q-Tips precision tips!

So if you’re starting with a few day old mani. You just want to grab some of your Q-tips Precision Tips and get a few other colors. I chose to go with some glitter and a sparkling white. I wanted to “sponge” on some color and then add some glitter and just have it be a bit abstract and messy.

Easy ways to update your mani with Q-Tips precision tips!

I went in first with the sparkly white and used the tapered end of the Q-tips Precision Tip to dab the white polish over the blue. The ultimate beauty tool, with tapered ends specially designed for precise application and touch-ups for nails. Super easy to get it done.

Easy ways to update your mani with Q-Tips precision tips!

The next step is just dipping the Q-tip itself into your glitter polish. “Q” stands for quality and it’s an affordable alternative to expensive nail art tools.

Easy ways to update your mani with Q-Tips precision tips!

Dab the glitter on in the same fashion that you did the sparkling white polish and you’re good to go. A completely refreshed mani! I love that there is no clean up and you can go ahead and just toss it when you’re through!

Q-Tips Precision Tips are available in super fun beauty oriented packages for $3.29 for a 170-count pack. Be sure to check out Q-tips’ Pinterest Boards for more beauty inspiration!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Easy Nail Art for Beginners

Happy New Year! I’m excited to kick of 2015 with some Easy Nail Art for Beginners. New Year, New You, right? I’ve made it a goal this year to share more nail art ideas with you all that can be done quickly and easily right at home with minimal effort and tools. Today we’re going to get into some nail stripers and have some fun with three different designs you can try out.

Sally Beauty Nail Stripers | Easy Nail Art for Beginners

Of course, when I get on a nail art kick I have to run out and grab a bunch of new goodies. I went to Sally Beauty and picked up a bunch of the Stripe Rite nail stripers to get started. Colors I used in each manicure: Glitter & Paint

Easy Nail Art for Beginners

I also grabbed some Orly shades in Luxe, Naughty, and Shine On Crazy Diamond so that I would have some base coats to get started with. I wanted to make sure that I had some shades that would be awesome for the season and that I could wear on their own if need be. Plus, glitter is a must have for all occasions, am I right?

I have three different manicures for you that are all super easy and I promise, even if you have never attempted nail art you can pull these off.

Easy Nail Art for Beginners Abstract Nails

For this abstract manicure you’re going to choose a base color, I went with Orly Naughty, paint two coats on your fresh nails. Grab your white Stripe Rite and randomly draw lines over your base color. I didn’t re-dip into the polish, I wanted the lines to start bright and get lighter so I just used what was on the brush for each hand. It’s super easy and you can really do any direction you like and they will look perfect.

 Easy Nail Art for Beginners Negative Space Manicure

This negative space mani is probably my favorite of all three. Negative space manicures have been popping up everywhere and are definitely on trend for the season so I wanted to try my hand at it. This one is SO easy it’s impossible to mess it up. I didn’t use a base a coat so I could have that negative space in there on clean nails. Just grab a couple of your Stripe Rite stripers. I chose black and white and four different glitters. Randomly polish on your lines, starting with the darkest first and just continue until you’ve covered as much of the nail as you want. So easy.

Easy Nail Art for Beginners Lines

And last but certainly not least, we have the lines manicure. This one you’re going to want a base coat. I used one coat of Orly Luxe for mine. I then took my black nail striper and drew 4-5 lines on each nail. With my white striper, I drew smaller lines on top of the black. Finish it off with some glitter, like Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond and you are all set.

These manicures are perfect for any beginner. Nothing is wrong and it’s all open to your interpretation. I know lots of folks get intimidated by nail stripers but just follow my lead and you will have super cute manicures in no time for a perfect New Year, New You look!

New Year, New You Challenge

  • Sally Beauty is challenging shoppers to try something new – daring new hair color, bright new nail shade, fresh new lip color, new hairstyle, new treatment, etc.
  • Share your New You look and you could win a trip to New York for a makeover by a professional TV stylist
  • How to enter:
    • Share your New Year, New You look…
      • Facebook: Visit the New Year, New You Challenge tab on the Sally Beauty Facebook page. Upload an image and complete the entry form.
      • Instagram and Twitter: Upload a photo with #SallyBeautyChallenge in your caption. Once you share, you will receive an auto-reply within 24 hours to visit the Facebook tab and complete the entry.

Let me know in the comments what you’re going to try for the New Year, New You challenge! I’m not participating in the challenge, just sharing the love with you all!

Five Minute Manicure with Q-Tips

Thanks to Q-tips for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are 100% my own.

Five Minute Manicure

You know I get super excited about easy manicures, they pretty much rule my life. The easier the better and I am super excited to share this dotticure with you because the dots can be done entirely with Q-Tips. No nail art tools needed. Some people might pass on nail art because they think it’s super difficult to accomplish but really, you can do it with things in your house and it’s totally achievable.

Easy Nail Art Design Using Q-Tips

Q-tips is the perfect tool for your glam holiday look this season – with intricate, precise application every time. Seriously, you can do so much with Q-tips, from removing makeup, nail art, skincare, and even applying makeup. They’ve always been a staple in my beauty routine and my home for as long as I can remember. For nail art they totally come in handy because of the precision tips so creating a dot is a breeze. I also use them to clean up around my cuticle area. The possibilities are endless. I felt like red and white were appropriate for the season so that’s where we’re going to start.

Easy Manicure Clean Up with Q-Tips

Using red polish as my base coat I quickly painted my nails with two coats and use my Q-Tips with the Precision Tips to clean up that cuticle area. The’re really the ultimate beauty tool, with tapered ends specially designed for precise application and touch-ups for nails, eyes, lips and more – perfect for achieve the ultimate holiday makeup look. The “Q” definitely stands for quality.

Easy Nail Art with Q-Tips

It’s seriously the easiest manicure ever. Just use your Q-tips to easily place your dots on your nails. We’re using white polish for the dots. Easy as pie, well if pie were easy… I think pie is kind of difficult. Anywho, these are an affordable alternative to expensive nail art tools. The flexible stick makes application a breeze in any scenario and they’re portable so you can do your nails or touch up your makeup anywhere!

Q-tips Dotticure

Such a cute and fun manicure that you can accomplish in under five with the help of Q-tips! I hope you learned how easy it is to do nail art at home! Let me know if you try it out and be sure to visit Q-Tips on Instagram from more beauty inspiration.

Easy 10 Minute Dotticure Tutorial


Easy 10 Minute Dotticure Tutorial | #SallyBeauty

It’s that time of year when things start to get a little crazy. It seems like as soon as Halloween is over I get thrown into this time warp and before I know it I’m scrambling to find a turkey, make sure all of the gifts I need are purchased, and checking that I have just enough glitter for New Years Eve. During this season it’s so hard to sit back and remember to take time for ourselves. Are you with me? It just gets all kinds of crazy. I have a few little pick me ups that I always turn to during this season to be sure I am remembering to have some me time. Having my nails done is something that always makes me feel put together and I have come to depend on some pretty quick manicures to throw together while everything else is going on. Sometimes we only have 10 minutes for ourselves so I want to share this Easy 10 Minute Dotticure with you all today so when the season gets a little overwhelming, you can make sure you’re taking care of you!

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Blood Shot Eyes Nail Tutorial

Are you ready for this Halloween Nails Tutorial? I LOVE it! It’s no secret that I am OBSESSED with Halloween, my apartment has been decorated since the week after Labor Day and would have been the day after had I not been on vacation. It’s my absolute favorite holiday and I make it a point to go all out for it. That includes Halloween nails. I have quite a few tutorials coming up this month for some simple Halloween nail manicures that will definitely get you in the mood! Stay tuned this week for a round up of some of my favorites! This blood shot eye tutorial has been done all over the place, search ‘Halloween Nails’ on Pinterest and it pops up constantly from people who have tried it! I am in love, so I thought I would try my hand at it.

Halloween Nails Tutorial

It’s super easy and can all be done with a bobby pin, which is my favorite nail art tool! If you try this out tweet me pics @angejim0531 or tag me on Instagram @angejim so I can see your Halloween Nails!!

Halloween Nails Tutorial
Will you be trying out this Halloween Nails Tutorial?

Spooky Ghost Tutorial


Halloween Nail Tutorial: Spooky Ghosts

October, Fall, Halloween, sweater weather, riding boots and nail art are a few of my favorite things during this lovely season. Halloween nails are some of my favorite manicures to do each year. Remember these blood shot nails? What about the neon skulls? Fun, right? I am obsessed and I have a few new tutorials coming up for y’all this month! I like to keep it easy and this tutorial is a favorite because it can be done easily with a bobby pin! In four easy steps, it doesn’t get any better then that! Pretty fabulous right? Last year I rounded up some of my favorite Halloween nail tutorials to show you some other options!  If you’re looking for Halloween makeup ideas, we’ve got those too!

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It’s Freaky Friday on the blog today, if you feel like you’ve seen this post before… You have! It’s a throwback from last year!