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My Skin Care Routine

Ok ladies! Skin Care is something that is uber important to me, as it should be to everyone! It’s probably the most important part of my daily routine. I wanted to go ahead and show you all what I am using on a daily/weekly basis. One of the things I need to stress is that I am rarely committal to skin care products because I don’t want my skin to get used to a product and have it stop working. I would say I usually change things up around every 3-4 months, so I figured as I do I can post my new routine here and I am always looking for suggestions. What is working for you?

I should also tell you that I have a normal skin type and I’m not really Acne prone so I tend to pick my products based on that. The only really big issue I find is clogged pores and blackheads so I do like to fight those off.

Let’s get started…


This is my favorite of all my products. I bought this to try out before spending a lot of money of a Clarisonic Mia just to see if I could get some good results and if I do decide to go with the Mia, I will have a form of comparison. So far, so good. I use this cleanser at night about 3/4 times a week (switching it out with another) and it definitely leaves my skin feeling completely clean.
Would I repurchase? Yes 
After hearing such great reviews on this product I had to try it out for myself. I have to say, I’ve really been loving it. I use this nightly as a makeup remover and cleanser either alone or before using my Neutrogena Wave. It’s completely natural, which I love. There are no parabens or harsh chemicals. It is gentle enough to remove makeup on your eyes. 
Would I repurchase? Yes 

This is definitely one of the cheapest toners I have ever used. I use this twice daily, in the morning and at night. It’s pretty good, but I’m starting to get concerned that it’s drying me out. I usually switch out my toners more often for that reason. Anyone know of a great one?
Would I repurchase? Probably not. 
I received this as a sample in one of my beauty subscriptions last month. I had no expectations for it because I find that most eye creams don’t really do what they say they’ll do. I use this twice daily morning/night. With this one I have really noticed a different. It has made the skin around my eyes firmer, while targeting the dark circles and almost brightening up my eye area.
Would I repurchase? Absolutely

$2 for a Night Cream? That everyone raves about… I was sold. Now I wish I hadn’t listened. It works great as a nighttime moisturizer and doesn’t leave me sticky. I use this daily at night. I feel moisturized still when I wake up in the morning. There is a huge problem though, the smell is awful. It reminds me of the nursing home my grandmom used to live in. A mix of Bengay and I don’t know what. 
Would I repurchase? If they changed the smell.
I like to exfoliate once a week, about a year ago I picked up these beads from mark. and I just mix them in with my cleanser and scrub my face with them. Since I only use them about once a week, I feel like my skin won’t get used to it. I do try other things in betwen like the Aveeno Exfolating Scrub I received in my Target Beauty Bag. I love facial scrubs so if you have any that you LOVE let me know!
Would I repurchase? Yes 
I have been RAVING about this product for weeks! I’ve been using it twice a week and loving it. It has made my pores smaller and gotten rid of almost every blackhead. It does it job and it does it well. Click HERE to check out my full review of this product. 
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have an obsession with all things Bethenny Frankel. I have followed her entire career. When I heard she was coming out with skincare products and that they were budget friendly and could be purchased at Walmart, I was ecstatic. I use this mask about once a week and in the two months I have been trying it out, I love it. It smells great and is a good mask to use at the end of a busy weekend when you have been out in the sun and sweating. 
Would I repurchase? Yes 

  • Morning Cleanser – I have been using Clean and Clear morning burst but it isn’t really doing it for me anymore. I think my face has become resistant to it. 
  • Daily Moisturizer – I have been using Jergens Natural Glow Faces and I’m not even seeing a color pay off from it at this point, so while I like that it has SPF I think it’s time to move on. 
  • Spot Treatment – I’m not really Acne prone, but every once in awhile I have an unruly pimple that needs to be handled. I was using a gel by mark. but that hasn’t been working for me.
  • Serum – I think that serums are very important in someones skin care routine, so I have been searching for a great one. I’d like to add one into my routine. 
Do you agree that skin care is the most important part of your routine? Any suggestions for me on what to try next?
What is your skin care routine?


  • I really need to get my hands on some of the Skinny girl beauty products they look awesome. As for toner I really like the ones that Lush has Eau Roma water is my favorite smells so nice and doesn’t dry me out.

  • For a great toner that is hydrating, I would suggest Rocky Mountain Soap Companies Aloe Hydrating Toner! it is awesome.

    Other suggestions:
    Morning Cleanser – Purity by Philosophy, nice and gentle!
    Daily Moisturizer – I am using Philosophy’s moisturizer right now too, Hope in a Jar oil-free. I don’t like the scent but it is great otherwise. It doesn’t have any SPF though.
    Spot Treatment – I have a whole post on my fave spot treatments! check it out.
    Serum – I don’t use any serums! maybe I should? haha.


  • Just came across your blog! I love it! I need to try some of these products, I’m always looking for new/better facial products!
    I’m following you. Check out my blog and follow back?

  • I am lucky that my skin is – for the most part – exactly how I want it, however when I reached my early 20s my face started breaking out and since I had almost no acne at all when I was a teenager (like you only here and there) I had no idea how to combat it. Lately I’ve been using the Clean and Clear morning burst when I take a shower, followed by Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear Foaming Scrub once I get out – and then Noxzema’s Original Deep Cleansing Cream once a week or so. Then if there is a day I don’t shower for whatever reason I just use Noxzema’s Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads. It seems to be working for the most part, which makes me incredibly happy. My skin is pretty normal though, and the major worry I’ve had with what I’ve been using is that I’m going to dry it out so I’ve actually been looking for a good moisturizer – I currently have something from Mary Kay but it smells horrible.

  • I will try this toner out! I’ve never really used a toner, but I decided to try Made from Earth’s Correcting Toner in an effort to keep my skin looking young. I really like Made from Earths Toner. Not only is it firmer (and I’m only 36), but it’s clearer and more even – and I’ve only been using it for a week, tops.

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