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How To: Dip Dye Hair


It seems as though ever since Lauren Conrad was seen sporting some pastel locks, and then that picture above hit Pinterest. Everyone was asking “”HOW DO I DO THAT?”. I know I was wondering, so I researched for a bit and came across about 15 different ways to do it. The easiest it seemed was to head on out to the craft store and buy some Oil Pastels.

I picked these up at Michael’s for about $6. Here’s what I did to dip dye my hair and have it be completely washable!

1. Pick up the Soft & Blendable Artist Pastels.
2. This gets MESSY, grab some gloves and throw an old towel over your shoulders.
2. Pick out some awesome colors and choose where in your hair you want to place it, for my ends I took a spray bottle full of water and went section by section and sprayed the section of hair that I was about to add the color to, you want the hair wet while applying the pastel.
3. **Draw** on the hair in a downward motion starting from where you want the color to begin, on the front and back of the section in your hair.
4. Once you apply the color to your ends, grab your flatiron (this will set the color) and go to town over the pieces that you applied the chalk. Remember that your hair is wet (Don’t worry, the steam is normal) and it may take a bit longer to dry out.
5. Your flatiron is going to be all kinds of colors from this. (Use a little bit of alcohol or a baby wipe once it’s cooled off to get that clean)
6. If your hair looks a little dry and yucky after this, spray some dry shampoo on it and style as normal.

Two Sections

I tried this a couple different times. The first time I just did two sections and chose a hot pink and then for the second I actually did my ends and went pink, purple, teal. It was super fun and washes out completely in the shower. I’m actually wondering how it would look now with my darker hair. I did a friends hair and since she is a dark brunette she had awesome results with reds and purples.


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