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Batiste Dry Shampoo: Review

I was super excited to try out this dry shampoo, particularly because Batiste is a line of dry shampoos that I had heard so many excellent things about but I had yet to try anything by them. Having thin, lifeless hair that easily looks oily when not washed for a day, I’m always in the market for that holy grail dry shampoo. I’ll try anything once, and sometimes you find one that just sticks. I have to say, Batiste will be hanging out in my hair care routine for quite some time. Batiste Dry Shampoo is ideal for creating body you crave, while ditching the dirt, oil and grease as it freshens hair in minutes and brings life back to dull, lifeless hair! Simply spray lightly and evenly, massage through with your fingertips, brush out, and voila, strikingly revitalized hair!”   Batiste is available in four amazing scents: Original, Blush, Fresh and Tropical, to tantalize the senses. Original is clean and fresh, while Blush adds a hint of floral tones with notes of red hibiscus, peony, tuberose and lily for those craving a flirtier aroma; Fresh is a unisex scent inspired by the rainforest that has invigorating floral scents and wood musk and sandalwood base notes; and Tropical is ideal for those who desire the exotic coconut aromas of the Caribbean. As a former tanning lotion addict, I tend to gravitate towards anything that smells “tropical” so that is the scent I chose to try out from the four. 

What they say…

  • Creates volume 
  • Masks dirt and grease 
  • Freshens and brings hair back to life 
What I say…
  • Awesome scent 
  • Completely hides that greasy and unwashed look 
  • Easy to use 
  • No build up 
  • Adds volume 
The Verdict…
I’ll share a little bit about my hair care routine so you all can see when I am using the product and the positive effect that it has on my hair. I have very thin, lifeless, over-processed and very damaged hair. I try to only wash it every three days. This is a tough task and would be absolutely impossible without some form of dry shampoo because after just one day my hair gets very oily looking and lacks any type of healthy shine or volume. I have started using Batiste in between washes when styling my hair on “unwashed” days and let me just tell you, it ranks high on my “likes” list. I have found with *most* dry shampoos that they work against me by leaving and extra build up after application and Batiste just doesn’t do that. It also got brownie points because it lays on my hair clear rather then looking white or grey when I spray it on. Hands down though, my absolute favorite part of this product is the scent! I spray it on and the lovely tropical scent stays with me all day. This is definitely something I would repurchase!
You can purchase full size bottles of one of the four scents for $7.99 or the “on the go” size for $3.99 HERE

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