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Spring Cleaning: When To Toss Your Makeup!



When Does Your Makeup Expire?

Okay first, I have a confession… I still have nail polish that I bought in high school. Don’t judge me. With that said, there are products that I always stick to the expiration timeline on. With Spring upon us, I thought it would be a good time to share a post on a quick list of when certain products need to be tossed!

I’m by no means an expiration date expert but with some research and tips from my dermatologist I think I am happy with the timeline I follow for most of my products! The FDA doesn’t regulate or require that cosmetic companies or OTC skincare items place an expiration date on products, it’s up to the brand individually. Some brands are great about it, and you will see a PAO (Period After Opening) label on the back, those little containers in the above graphic with how many months it is good for after opening or they will even print a date on the product for you. However, this isn’t the case with all products. So it’s good to have a guideline! A good idea to keep all your products straight and when they need to be tossed, is to buy little stickers from an office supply store and just put the date you opened it on the container, so you can be sure to toss it when needed!!

Makeup Expiration Dates
A Few Things To Keep In Mind…
**Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner is one I always stick to no matter what! 3 months & they’re out the door!
(I’m battling pink eye right now, so take my word for it get rid of them, yuck!)
**Most skincare items are quick to breed bacteria so I usually stick by the 6M rule .
(I use most of them twice a day anyway so they rarely last 6Ms)
**Keep your makeup in a cool place to avoid bacteria build up.
(I also suggest not keeping it in the bathroom because more bacteria hangs out in there)
**I probably don’t have to tell you this, but anytime a product changes color or texture, toss it!!
**Liquid foundation can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, don’t stick your fingers directly in the jar && try to keep it in a cool place.
**Usually eye shadows, blush, bronzers & any powders have a long shelf life… Be sure to clean  your brushes or sponges that you’re applying them with for a longer life.
**I can’t stress this one enough, replace your loofah FREQUENTLY! The usual rule of thumb is 3 months but I change mine out every month, I just buy it at the dollar store.
**Body lotions have a long shelf life as well once opened! Tell tale sign it’s gone bad? Change in the color, scent or texture.
**Nail Polish Tricks to make polish last longer, grab a thinner, store them in the fridge, do a monthly shake of your bottle to keep the separation at bay!!
**Organic and All Natural products, consult the company because as these products tend not to have preservatives they also tend to have a shorter shelf life once opened!
Do you ‘Spring Clean’ your makeup collection?


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  • I think if your foundation has a pump, it’s exposed to less bacteria. Also, changing out your sponges frequently or washing brushes frequently helps. And spraying everything down with some rubbing alcohol goes a long way!

  • i am SO bad for cleaning makeup brushes/throwing out old makeup. especially nailpolish! I had no idea it expired..I have stuff from literally YEARS ago.

  • Guess I know what I’m doing tonight. Actually, it’s not that bad. I really only wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara and shadow – which all have a decent shelf life. I don’t wear makeup daily (read: too lazy to get up early enough) so I feel like that extends the expiration date. I probably clean the 3 brushes I have once a month. Still, I need to do some cleaning.

  • This is a really great post! It’s actually not something I think very much about – and luckily my skin hasn’t suffered from it. All the things that have a short shelf life I tend to use often, so they are gone before they have time to go bad. But I should probably take a look at the rest of my “collection”! 😛


  • AMEN GIRL!!!!! So sorry you have pink eye….I once got pink eye while working in a tanning salon in high school..the day of my junior year prom…LOL good times!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • I am sad to say I actually still have some eye shadow I got as a birthday gift in 3rd grade! However, I have not used it in a thousand years. Don’t ask me why I still keep it around. LOL

  • Them’s some good tips !
    I actually do a big clean out every season, but I had no idea body creams could last so long, I think I’ve been throwing out ones that are still good…

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