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Makeup Bag Essentials

Makeup Bag Essentials

Makeup Bag Essentials
What would you say if I told you your makeup bag isn’t just about your makeup? The tools that are essential to are makeup bags, most times are the integral part of our routine and without said tools our bag would mean absolutely nothing. There are a few things that I always keep with me when getting ready and I am here to share them with all of you.

CLEAN AND CLEAR OIL ABSORBING SHEETS //  Keep your skin clean and oil free with these oil absorbing sheets. They’re easy to throw in your bag and keep with you.

EYELASH CURLER  //  I love my eyelash curler, it is completely beneficial for my lashes when I don’t plan to wear falsies. It gives them just the right amount of curl, I usually put it inside of my mouth (without actually touching it) and blow hot air onto it to warm it up before using it you could also do that with a blow dryer.

TWEEZERS  //  you’re probably thinking…DUH. I know, I know but I just had to add it, I swear I can pluck and tweeze all the time & you know when I always find that one out of place hair? When I finish my makeup application so by having this in my bag is a life saver!

Q-TIPS  //  Do you ever end up with that little bit of black gunk in the inner corner of your eye or get some eye shadow out of place? A q-tip will be your best friend at a time like this.

MAKEUP SPONGES //  From application to erasing mistakes, makeup sponges will definitely come in handy!

SETTING SPRAY & POWDER //  I use a setting spray before, during and after application in connection with my powder to help my make up apply easier, set in, and last longer.

LIP EXFOLIATOR  //  You definitely want to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick (especially a matte) because the last thing any gal wants is flaky flakes after they apply their color. Of course my favorite lip exfoliator is from Gnarly Whale!

CLEANSING WIPES  //  If you’re going from a day to night look or just fixing a mistake it’s always good to have some cleansing wipes on hand.

What are your makeup bag essentials?


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