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10 Alternative Uses For Lipbalm



alternative uses for lip balm


So what happens after you grab all of these awesome lip balms from the Gnarly Whale Shop? Obviously you can use them on your lips; but did you know there are quite a few alternative uses for lip balm? That’s my favorite part about them, you can buy a few for incredibly low prices and get so much use out of them!

  • Cuticle Balm – This is a great way to use a lip balm, rub a bit on your your nail bed and it’’s super moisturizing. I’ve been using Peach Mango for this exact task and my cuticles have never looked better!

  • Dry Skin – When you get a cold, or the dry air in the summer is getting to you and you start to get rough, dry and scaly patches around your nose, lip balm is perfect for this. Rough patches on your hands? Rub a bit of lip balm on them and you’re good to go!

  • Unruly Hair – Have frizz or fly aways? Rub some lip balm into your palms and dab it onto your hair to tame them. Eyebrows out of control? Dab the lip balm on and be on your way!

  • Shine Your Shoes – You heard me; in a pinch and want those heels to shine? Dab lip balm on and buff with dry cloth.

  • Shaving Nicks – Have you ever been shaving your legs and you cut yourself, and no matter what you do, it’s like a murder scene; lip balm will stop the bleeding immediately. (I keep a balm in the shower for this exact reason)

  • Eye Primer – I’m a HUGE beauty on a budget supporter so this is my favorite. There is no reason to spend a crazy amount on an eye primer when you can just use some balm on your lids, and keep your shadow creaseless for up to 8 hours!

  • At Home Hair Color – If you’re like me and you color your hair at home, you want to keep it off of your hairline and ears… lip balm is perfect for this,

  • Long Night – Sometimes, I crawl into bed get all comfy and realize I forgot to use my under eye cream. I keep a balm on my nightstand and just dab it around the outer corners of my eyes to keep them moisturized.

  • Heel Balm – Been wearing boots and sneakers all winter? Want to help the dry skin on your heels… dab on some lip balm before bed.

  • Blister Prevention – About to slip on those nice heels? I already know before I put them on that the blister is coming. Rub some lip balm on the back of your heels to prevent the friction and you’re good to go.

The best part is when you purchase one of the lip balms from Gnarly Whale, you can feel completely comfortable that you’re using a vegan friendly, 100% made from scratch and safe lip balm for all of your needs!! Try out some of the amazing lip balms and let me know what you use your lip balm for!!

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