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How To Maintain Red Hair


If y’all are following me on social media then you already know this but for everyone else, I have been steadily dyeing my hair red for a few months now. I colored it from blonde (my natural color) which I was keeping up with for awhile but was honestly just killing my hair after going to a brunette shade a few summers ago and coming back to blonde in about 4 days my hair was super dead. Blonde hair dye can be SUPER harsh on your hair and I just wasn’t in the mood for dealing with anymore. I’m sure I’ll go back one day, I have been almost every color you can imagine so this is nothing new for those closest to me, they almost expect it and is where my 25 Tips For Color Treated Hair post came from so people could get a look at what I was doing! Since being red, I have been getting so many questions on how to maintain red hair. I’ve done a few different shades but I have to say that my most recent shade is my favorite yet! It’s called ‘Deep Velvet Violet’ and it’s box dye (my fave) from Vidal Sassoon!


I don’t know why but I am just loving this shade! I have a few tips I want to share with y’all on maintaining the color & then I’ll let you in on my secret products that help me maintain the vibrancy of red hair. One of the things to keep in mind is that red color is one of the fastest fading colors and is quicker then any other shade because it’s molecules are the largest and the most unstable. That doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain it and add some steps into your routine to keep it looking gorgeous!

how to maintain red hair

Seriously, I really just want to write ‘DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR’ 100 times as my number one tip! I can’t stress that enough the more you wash your hair the quicker the color will fade so I am a HUGE fan of dry shampoo and rocking 4 day old hair! Plus, I don’t really care to wash it since when I do, it’s in super cold water: I’m literally doing a back bend in the tub to wash it because the water is too cold to actually shower in but it really does keep your color lasting longer and help keep the shine. I’m a fan of hair masks because they really protect and restore life back into your hair. I know that I am still damaging it by dyeing it but not as awfully as I was when I was doing blonde dye, my hair doesn’t break as easily or fall out in chunks anymore so I consider that a win! Now, on to the good stuff! I’m gonna share some of my favorite products with y’all on how to maintain red hair!

how to maintain red hair


1 ||  SUAVE KERATIN INFUSION DRY SHAMPOO  || $3.99 – This refreshing Dry Shampoo, formulated with Keralock technology, contains Keratin and absorbs oils to help clean your hair so it’s refreshed,smooth and manageable between regular washes. For all Hair types!

2 || ORGANIX INTENSIVE MOISTURE MASK  || $7.99 – Beauty, Pure And Simple. Ultra-Moisturizing Treatment Infused With Macadamia Oil To Hydrate Dry Hair While Exotic Sugar Cane Extract And Bamboo Extract Mend Split Ends. Why We Love It: Drenches Even The Driest, Most Brittle Hair With Moisture, Leaving It Soft, Supple, And Touchable. Why You Want It: Smoothing Macadamia Oils Blended With Exotic Bamboo Extract Create A Decadent Hydrating Treat. It’s All You Need For Soft, Smooth And Seductive Hair In One Irresistible Formula. What’s In It For You: This Totally Indulgent Deep Conditioner Bathes Dry, Brittle Hair With A Fusion Of Gentle Conditioning Macadamia Oil And Moisturizing Bamboo Extract, While Sugar Cane Extract Gives Hair Silky New Life.

3 ||  QUANTUM RIVETING REDS DAILY COLOR REFRESHING CONDITIONER ||  $8.79 – I am SO obsessed with this stuff. Life changing! Quantum Riveting Reds Daily Color Refreshing Conditioner keeps all shades of red hair color looking great.

4 || ROUX COLOR REFRESH MASK {BURGUNDY} || $4.99 – This is available in 3 different red shades and for this go round I chose burgundy but I absolutely am obsessed. I use it about half way through my color cycle and it really restores life and shine to my color!

5 || ION COLOR DEFENSE AFTER-COLOR SEALER || $7.49 – This locks in hair color, moisture and shine. I use it immediately after color and rinsing the dye out and then the next two times I dye my hair & again after using the ROUX mask! Love it!

6  || GUARDIAN ANGEL HEAT PROTECTANT  || $6.49 – I know this says ‘flat iron balm’ but I use it before blow drying too. You absolutely need a heat protectant especially if you color your hair we need to do whatever we can to prevent further damage to our already vulnerable locks!

7 || DOVE MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO  || $4.49 – When I actually get around to washing my hair in that super cold water I want a shampoo that is extra moisturizing as color treated hair tends to dry out faster and even though this isn’t a sulfate free product (which is recommended) it is one of my favorites so I tend to reach for it often!


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  • omg I love your hair!! It looks so gorgeous!! I color my hair darker than my natural color too. It just works. 🙂
    Great tips, red is so hard to keep from fading! 🙂

  • Wow, what a great post! I am a natural blonde (darker than I used to be!) and I went red a couple years ago. I lovedi t but I didn’t know how to properly maintain it. I went from box dye red to blonde last year (I don’t even know how I got lucky enough for that to work out) and you’re right, it is way more damaging than the red hair color was. Anyway, GREAT tips, great post!

  • I’ve been dying my hair for years, and I agree you have to extra baby red! I also love Ion’s Clarifying Shampoo for when you REALLY need to clean your hair. It’s the only clarifying shampoo I know that is sulphate free! I only used it every month or so when I have TOO much product buildup for my normal sulphate free shampoo.

  • I do 3 of these tips with my natural hair already! I started dying my hair in elementary school believe it or not, but I haven’t in almost 2 years now to help restore it. My favorite shade was a blue-black that I rocked my senior year of high school, but it was hard to maintain (especially because black dye turns your whole bathroom purple when doing it at home!)

  • I love your hair color!! It looks great on you!! Both of my daughters starting dying their hair a couple of months ago. One went chestnut brown and the other went red. I passing these tips onto them. Thanks so much!!

  • Great suggestions! I dye my hair red, and I try to use sulfate-free shampoos, too. I never heard about washing my hair in cold water, though, I might try it out and see if it helps with fading 🙂

  • I, too, dye my hair red (although mine is a bright red-copper) and I have been for years. I LOVE being a redhead, I feel more ME when I’m a redhead if that makes sense… like I’m correcting nature’s oversight by not making me a natural redhead.

    Anyway, I have some Rules of the Red for myself, too:

    1. COLD water washing is a must (I lean over the tub and use super-cold water)

    2. Go as long as I can without washing my hair (thankfully, that’s about 4 days before the roots start to get greasy, and as a naturally curly girl, I’ve never found a dry shampoo that I like that doesn’t need to be brushed out. With curls, that whole “brushing out” thing just isn’t happening.

    3. I do only my roots when they need a touch-up (every 4-6 weeks or so) and I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect bright copper-red that doesn’t leave me with hot roots.

    4. I refresh my ends with Manic Panic’s Wildfire, which matches my fresh roots perfectly and is deposit-only and conditioning at the same time. The color I have after a few shampoos is the color I want.

    5. Sulfate free is the way to go (or co-washing)

    6. NO silicones. Silicones are difficult to remove from the hair, and usually require a sulfate-based surfactant. Since, I’m a no-sulfate girl, I avoid silicones.

    7. Not too much protein in my conditioners. Protein overload can cause breakage and dullness, so I do a protein treatment once a week, but all my other conditioning is moisturizing.

  • I’ve been coloring my hair red for about a year now, and I kind of love that I don’t have to wash my hair all the time, and can indulge my laziness for a few days to not wash it! I’ve also basically stopped using heated styling tools except for every once in a while, since I have to color it frequently. I want to reduce all the damage that I can. I always wanted red hair as a kid, so finally going to that color has been great!

  • I was wondering if clarifying shampoo strips the color out of y our hair? I’m going to be going red shortly and wondering if using a clarifying shampoo would defeat the purpose?

  • It’s sort of a tricky one, I do still use clarifying shampoo to get the gunk out from all the products I use. I just don’t use it as often, I’d say one to two times a month is fine.

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