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Maybelline Baby Skin Review

Maybelline Baby Skin


I can’t even tell you how long I have been waiting to try this for! Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser first launched overseas in different Asian countries sometime last year and as soon I started seeing pictures I knew it had to be mine! I have been waiting forever for it & I am super excited that it has finally reached the US and I was able to pick one up at Walmart! It’s also popping up in CVS, Target and even Ulta (here for $6.99) from what I hear so go getchasome!

Maybelline Baby Skin

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser claims to give you baby-smooth poreless skin in under a second! You can use it as a primer before makeup application or on it’s own. It will give you a matte finish with it’s oil absorbing ingredients to keep you shine free. I’ve been testing this out for a few weeks and I’ve went and grabbed another!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Maybelline Baby Skin has a thick gel like texture that is said to instantly refine your pores. The formula is completely transparent. Easy to apply and keeps you moisturized all day. You’ll find that you get a dewy look but without any shine. There was no pooling when I applied my foundation and it worked as a great buffer. I half expected this to really resemble the Benefit Porfessional the most but it really didn’t, it doesn’t have a scent like Porfessional does and it’s noticeably thinner. This actually makes me happy because Porfessional really didn’t work for me for whatever reason. It kind of resembles Smashbox Photo Finish Primer but really in texture alone. I’m having trouble making a direct comparison to anything in particular. For me, it kind of stands a lone in the pore eraser department being that it actually works for me and that makes my drugstore loving heart and wallet very happy!

I have to give this product the stamp of approval the blur technology they tout really made my pores appear to be smaller while giving me a soft matter finish and I am obsessing over this little gem!


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  • That looks a lot like smashbox. I have seen reviews sitting on both sides of this. I think i just need to pick it up and see for myself!

  • I have just recently discovered the wonders of primers, but I have to order them on line! So excited there might be one that works just as well that I can get locally! Thanks for sharing, when I use my other stuff up I’ll be trying this!

  • Yeah I think this one is definitely going to fall into a very big hit or miss category for people. It works for me, but the people it doesn’t work for are people who can use primers that just don’t work for me. I think it’s really going to depend on how it acts on your skin.

  • I’ve been hearing mixed reviews on this. Great to see that it works so well for you! Do you have oily skin? Large pores? Acne-prone skin? I have all of those, so I’m curious if it would work as well in controlling my oily skin and filling in my pores without breaking me out. Thanks for your review!

  • It’s definitely going to be hit or miss for people depending on their skin. I have combination skin, not acne prone and large pores. It’s mattifying so it cuts down on my oily areas and doesn’t cause any pooling.

  • Interesting. Looks like it would be very similar to Monistat’s Chaffing Gel, sounds suuuuuper weird but plenty of beauty bloggers swear by it. I’m not big on primer but I’ll have to try this one…

  • Those are two different women w different skin coloring in the before/after pic lol. A primer cannot shrink pores bc your pore size 1. Has to do w how clogged it is and 2.genetics. Don’t be such suckers. At least $6 isn’t so much to waste but nothing extraordinary about this silicone mostly primer!

  • 1. It’s not two different women, they’re both me. It’s different lighting but the same person. I would know, since it’s me. 2. No one is claiming that a primer is shrinking pores. The primer is used to refine pores, which could give the appearance of smaller pores. 3. It has absolutely zero to do with how clogged a persons pores are. 4. I’d appreciated if you did not call my readers suckers, further comments of this nature will have you banned. Thanks!

  • I just recently found out about this baby after watching some beauty tips and vlogs on youtube.I immediately grabbed one from Boots pharmacy.(sorry i am so late bloomer with regards to make up and beauty products..just recently when i thought of doing something for my skin/ face since it makes me sad everytme i see myself in the mirrow wid my dull face) i could say this works wonders on my face.I do have oily skin and visible pores.Applying it make my pores looks smaller plus my face feels soft..This is one of the beauty products that i bought that im really happy with!

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