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La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes Review

LA Fresh Travel Lite

LA Fresh Travel Lite


I have a quick review here for you today! La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes are a new find for me! We’re leaving for Vegas on the 19th so these actually came at the perfect time because now I don’t have to worry about lugging extra products with me, these wipes are super easy to store and go right in my bag without taking up any space at all! Love that! I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and they have really come in handy!

A little about the company, “We make products that contain only a little water per use. And most of our products don’t require any extra water to make them work. We make products that are light, so they don’t require so much energy to ship (or carry around for that matter). And we are proud to be introducing new products made of biodegradable materials so they give back to the earth responsibly.” This company’s concept is pretty cool! My water bill is always insanely expensive so anything that can save me money is definitely something that I can go ahead and get behind! 

These incredibly convenient wipes instantly dissolve even heavy-duty makeup with a silky, lite-touch formula. I was not convinced at first because most times I have to use 2-3 wipes but these do what they say, they got all of my makeup off, start to finish in about 3 minutes without having to really work at it! You can use them to remove makeup from your eyes, lips & face. They have a moisturizing formula and are enriched with Vitamin e!

Biodegradable wipes that are carry-on (score!) friendly and easy to toss in your purse or glove box for the gym or after work! These are perfect if you travel a lot or are just on-the-go! La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes are definitely a new favorite for me & what’s even better is that they are so affordable! You can grab them here for $1.87 to try out! They have quite a few more wipes that you can look at too, I for one definitely want to try out the La Fresh Travel Lite Nail Polish Remover Wipes! I’m giving this brand and these wipes an A+ for sure! Must try in my book 🙂


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