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Curly Hair Tips

Hi my curly haired friends! I thought it was time we brought someone over to chat who knew a little bit about curly hair to share some of her best curly hair tips with y’all so today we have Casey contributing! Casey is a professional hairstylist and beauty blogger (from Beauty 101) with naturally curly hair of her own & since I have stick straight & baby fine hair I thought she would be the best person for the job to share some curly hair tips with all of us! We’ve covered tips for straight and shiny hair so I’ll let Casey take it away!

Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Tips

1) Do NOT wash your hair every day. This might take some getting used to but hear me out: the physical act of shampooing can be really hard on your hair because of all the scrubbing you’re doing and by roughing up the cuticle you could set yourself up for frizz. Natural oil is also really great for curly hair (especially if you have super thick hair) because it helps weigh your hair down a bit while keeping it smooth. When you do wash your hair make sure you’re using a formula that is designed for curly hair or that has a high moisture content. Curly hair tends to be a bit more dry than straight hair so making sure you add in additional moisture will keep your hair looking its best.

2) Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb out your hair when it is damp. As a professional hairstylist I’m aware that it is generally frowned upon to brush your hair when it is wet but trust me, using a wide tooth comb to gently (that is the key here) comb your hair out won’t hurt anything. A wide tooth comb you will help to detangle your hair while keeping the curls intact. Think about what it’s like when you brush your hair after it’s dry… not so cute, right?

3) Use multiple styling products to get the best result. Gone are the days of scrunching mousse into your hair and calling it a day so don’t be afraid to use more than one product on your hair! If you need more volume feel free to apply a volumizing product at the root and then depending on what your hair needs use a curl forming/smoothing/etc product towards the midshaft/ends. I also like to set my curly hair with a bit of working hairspray (Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode is the best!) to give it more hold without being crunchy.

4) Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible to prevent frizz and unnecessary volume. If you absolutely need to dry your hair, though, make sure you use a diffuser and follow the correct steps to get full & frizz free curls. A lot of people will haphazardly move the diffuser all around while “scrunching” it into their hair and this is pretty much the worst way to dry curly hair because all you’re doing is roughing up your cuticle and turning it into a frizzy mess. Instead follow these steps to get the perfect curly hair blow-dry:

* Section your hair (however you like to do it is fine) into about 4-6 workable sections. Feel free to do more if your hair is thick.

* Take each section individually and pile it into the diffuser while the blow dryer is OFF (this is key). (Our favorite hair dryer!)

* Once your hair is fully in the diffuser turn the blow dryer on and wait for the section to dry. Do NOT move the diffuser around at all. Just let it be until the section is dry.

* Turn the blow dryer off and wait a few seconds (I like to wait 15-30 if I have the time) before removing the diffuser from the section. Do not touch your curls after they’re dry.

* Move to another section of hair and repeat above steps until your entire head is dry. Once each section is dry flip your head over and shake out your root area to blend each section together. Don’t run your fingers through your hair and break up the curl (unless you want more volume). Just shake everything to blend and you’ll be fine.

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By taking a less aggressive approach you are helping to dry your hair in its natural curl pattern while minimizing the amount of frizz, knots, and overall hysteria that you might normally experience. The main key to this technique is to remember this: when the blowdryer is on you should not be moving it around your head. Only when the blowdryer is off can you reposition and move it around.

And, last but not least…

5) Understand what type of curl you have. I cannot stress this enough: if you have a strong curl nothing but a good blowout is going to give you smooth, luxurious waves. If you have what I like to call a “lazy curl” (aka wavy hair) no amount of product is going to give you Shirley Temple ringlets. I say this because it will save you a lot of time, frustration, and money! Learn to work with what you’ve got and your life will be a lot easier (not to mention your hair will look much better!)



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  • Thank you for these helpful tips!
    I have some tip too:
    – Do not use shampoo with sulfates in it! Sulfates dry out the roots and can lead to frizzyness too.
    I use siliconefree, sulfatefree and parabenfree baby shampoo and my hair loves it! I have to wash my hair every day because of my workout routines. But I shampoo only on the second day.
    – Whenever you have built up in your hair -especially when using styling products with silicones-, mix a bit baby shampoo with a teaspoon baking soda and rinse out well. But dont do this daily! Once a week is ok.
    – Add moisturizing conditionier onto towel dry hair too.(make sure it has no silicones or sulfates in it either, so the nourishing ingredients have a chance to get into the hair .
    – Keep your hair moisturized. Whenever it starts getting frizzy add a bit condi. I do this every night before bed.
    My frizzy times are gone 😀

  • Yaay! I love this! Most of this I actually do and that makes me happy since it shows that I’m doing what’s best for my hair 🙂
    Although I do still have some frizz (what a nightmare) and a problem I have and I would love to know why if anyone can help is that my bottom layer of hair (the one right at the top of my neck) is the only place where I ever get split ends and my hair is always really tangled there and that really annoys me! I think it might be because I move around quite a lot in my sleep and that might be damaging my hair, but I’m not sure, do you have any advice for this? Thank you! 🙂

  • I haven’t! I’ve heard and read so many people say this but I haven’t found silk pillowcases (although I haven’t really been looking because I always forget about that when I go shopping! haha) definitely going to try and find some online now. Thank you! 🙂

  • Great tips! I have naturally curly hair and I ONLY finger-comb, to keep the frizz down (and to keep my curl up). I will have to try the diffusing tip…I air-dry always, but it takes a good 6 hours and can be a pain.
    My only tip would be to use a conditioner between shampooing. Just conditioner. By itself. It helps keep hair moisturized which, let’s face it, is THE thing all curly hair needs.

  • I have naturally curly hair but up until last May I always flat ironed it. I mean every day. My curls hadn’t seen the light of day since 1995! But, I’m finally learning to embrace them and starting to love them! Thanks for these tips.

  • I have oily and curly and not-as-thick-as-other-curly girls’ hair…if I don’t wash it, it’s a greasy mess:( Any tips on curly hair like that? I know most girls with curly hair have it really thick and/or dry…but not me:/

  • My problem is I have curly hair but its thin. I work out twice a day and it gets gross and sweaty. Is it still ok to not shampoo?

  • Yes actually when you wash your hair with conditioner you are still “cleaning” your hair. You are just adding moisture back into your, which as many others said curly hair needs.

  • What types of products do you recommend for styling curly hair? Also, I have dry hair and it feels so harsh. What brand of shampoo and conditioner should I buy to hydrate my hair? HELP!

  • The best tip I’ve had is to put conditioner on your hair BEFORE shampooing. I do it before and after and it’s made a huge difference with my hair. And I definitely don’t wash it every day! It’s better for my hair, and I’m a mother of five, so there’s no time for that anyway!

  • My best tip: EMBRACE IT!!! Once you accept your curls, and accept that you can do the same thing to it everyday and it is NEVER going to look exactly the same!!! Just love your hair and be confident in it!!!

  • I do all of those things minus the diffuser because it just doesn’t work with my kind of hair but I use shampoo for curly hair I put morrcan oil in it I sleep on a silk pillow case I put smoothing cream in it but it still will be frizzy.. You honestly can’t take the frizz out of my hair and that’s just how it is.

  • I have the same type of hair, my hair always was much ticker than it is now..
    But I always used to wash my hair every day but adventually i got tired of the tremendous frizz.. So im trying to wash my hair every other day and use dry shampoo the second day. After a while will get used to it It took my hair almost a big month to finally starting to feel less greasy (and i normally dont shampoo in the weekends if i stay in)
    When I wash my hair I first rinse it good the put some coconut conditioner in it leave it in for a short while, then i rinse my hair again. After that i normally wash my hair but actually only the roots. Rinse it and then deep condition only the ends with the coconut conditioner again then, rinse it with COLD water! (But rinse it good cause it might look greasy if you dont rinse it troughly..). Deffenitly let your hair air dry and comb it lightly with a wide tooth wooden comb.
    Hope this might help my hair is now allready starting to feel a little thicker and sure looks healthy! For the second day i mostly just try a new cute messy updu (and dont comb my hair at all $$)
    If you have any questions just let me know and really hope this might be your perfect shampooing way as well.

  • I have naturally curly hair and I shampoo daily. My hair is worse if I don’t. I use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I do not brush my hair, only finger comb. I control the frizz with either a silk/serum, a hair lotion of sorts, or air drying. But air drying takes forever so I low blow my hair followed with some sort of lightweight product. I always get compliments when I go natural.

  • Drying your hair with something that is 100% cotton helps reduce frizz! I use a pair of boxers.

  • I have naturally curly hair and I wash my hair
    Everyday because of products and my workout. I only use my fingers to untangle my hair, how can I avoid frizz on day of not washing hair, what styling products do u recommend I use gel and have been for most of my life any recommendations?

  • I’m 50 and have hated my natural curly and wavy hair, all of my life. About 6 months ago, I got a hair cut that has changed all that!!! I now embrace my curls (most days!) I still straighten (blow out and flat iron) occasionally, but LOVE the ease of the curls. Since I now live in Houston TX, this new love for my curls helps keep me sane with the high humidity that we experience here! LOL! I have always shampoo’d only every other day, as I’d been advised as a kid that every day shampooing would only cause more frizz. I condition after every shampoo. For a while I went the Keratin route for longer term straightening. The last time was over a year and half ago. I’m still having problems with my bangs area. My bangs area STILL insists on being straight, when the rest of my hair is curly!! UUGGHH!!! I started pulling just the bang area back, securing with a comb, and I’m happy with that result.

  • We use Frizz Ease conditioner. Living in the great NW the humidity will kill your curls. Also, I always dried my hair with a diffuser and upside down, it always looked amazing! Just towel dry, comb through with wide comb, apply your product, bend over and let your hair hang down and scunch and blow!

  • I use Virgin Coconut Oil, Spectrum is the brand and it’s in the baking aisle at Walmart! I’ll have Casey come over here and check out the comments and leave any replies for y’all 🙂

  • Wow, Thanks for the Great tips for my curly hair, although I knew a few, I did not know to turn off my dryer before moving it. Also my daughters “BFF” just graduated beauty college. I let her highlight my hair & it turned out good, but she tried to style it and it was just a frizzy mess, it was a rainy day so I didn’t worry much. I said to myself I need to give her a lesson on curly hair, LOL… I will be referring her to this sight!…. Oh there is one tip I would give every curly girl, (especially if you have thin hair like me) …ALWAYS FLIP YOUR CURLS BEFORE TAKING A PICTURE!!! Thanks for the great tips!!!

  • I have recently read to quit using shampoo and wash with conditioner only!! I reluctanly decided to try this over a month ago and have noticed a huge difference. The article stated there is enough cleanser in conditioner to clean your hair w/out having to shampoo. Since it does not lather, I massage all around my scalp and into my hair, then comb thru for even distribution. My hair is much softer, less frizzy and stays knot free!

  • I have extremely thick, coarse, curly hair. This is a great post! I have for YEARS told people that I have natural frizzy hair because no matter what I tried…..I had frizzy hair. I tried specialty serums and shampoos, diffusers, oil treatments, almost everything under the sun……BUT THEn I found a website they will help you to determine your exact curl and the exact products that you need for your curl. Now, after some training, I only wash my hair once every 4-5 days (and I run everyday), I use an old cotton t-shirt to dry my hair after a shower, and use shampoos and conditioners that is great for my style of hair. I am almost to the point that I do not need product to control the frizz!! CRAZy!! My hair has never felt so healthy!!
    Satin/silk pillowcases work great. In between washings, if your hair is looking oilier then you want….sprinkle some baby powder in your hair at the roots, rub it into your scalp and it absorbs the oil, it will buy you another day or two. It’s great! But seriously go to they will give you a profile….all free, they will suggest some of their more expensive product but also will tell you what to look for in a local supermarket or box store like Target. Can’t go wrong!!

  • Thank you for sharing these tips! For me, not washing daily isn’t that easy; if I’m hitting the gym more days than not, in the summer when it is hot or if I want to restart my curls and style it’s not easy to just use dry shampoo and get my hair to look amazing. I’m not sure about most of you ladies, but once my hair is pulled back in a ponytail or into a style, the curls aren’t the same. Especially if you’re using products, you don’t want your hair holding onto that and not getting a break from most drying products we could be using…everyone’s hair responds differently. In my experience I have used kind shampoos that don’t strip my hair (Moroccan Oil is an amazing brand), and using gentle conditioners that don’t weigh my hair down. A little goes a long way with pricey products, but if your hair is drinking shampoo/conditioner a treatment would be needed to hydrate your hair and allow it to heal. I’ve used (organic/virgin) Coconut oil at night when my hair is damp after a shower, and wash it out the next morning being able to skip conditioner. My curls are less frizzy and my hair is more tame without the heaviness of products. Washing or rinsing my hair under cold water helps lock in the moisture and it closes the hair follicles, so I don’t lose as many strands also. =) I love my curls, as much as I cursed them growing up, once I learned how to appreciate and care for them.

  • I’ve had curly hair all my life – finding the “right” product has always been hard. About 12 years ago, I came across FRIZZBUSTERS serum by Fantasia (I can get it at Walgreen’s, Sally’s) – It’s an oily serum that isn’t heavy, but helps keep my hair soft, shiny and controllable. I never comb my hair – I don’t even own a comb or brush. Fingers only. I wash my hair daily but only shampoo every other day. Because I love my curls, I blowdry my hair upside down which gives it more volume. It’s worth a try for $8 – great product too!

  • I recently found your article. THANK YOU! The only question I have after reading is this: I used to have very thick very curly hair. After about 7 years of a super stressed life (that is finally calm) and having a child two years ago, I have lost probably about half of my hair and the curls are like “meh” waves – I would say that with the stress and having kids I have been doing everything you’ve said not to do in your article as well haha

    That being said – how would you recommend getting volume back in my hair? I am definitely going to follow your tips for the curls. But what about volume?

  • Just found your post thru pinterest. Great advice! I have a bit to add. I have very fine, thin blond curly hair, but it is only a little wavy underneath. I only co-wash my hair every few days with Suave naturals Coconut conditioner and add about a Tbsp of vegetable glycerine to the conditioner in my palm. I then finger comb my hair with the conditioner in it! Do not dry your hair immediately, flip head upside down and apply hair products of choice – silicone free of course. I then “plop” my hair ( google plopping. It’s amazing!I want to recommend that you NEVER use a terry cloth towl to dry your hair. I like to use a flour sack towel or on old cotton t-shirt, but ONLY after I have put my product in my hair, then plop for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on my morning. Frizz and flat hair no-more. After I remove my towel I put claw clips on the roots of my hair to give it lift while it dries. Lastlt, redresh hair adter workouts etc with lavender water. Hope this helps!!

  • What if you have both shirley temple curls and lazy waves? I highlight my hair, so the top layers are far more damaged than the bottom layers. I use a difusser, otherwise my hair wont get curly and will look horrible. I find that as the day goes on, my curls get better better. The bottom layers of hair are beautiful, perfect sprirals, but the top layers are frizzier and much less curly.

    I try not to wash my hair every day, but find that I get greasy at the scalp. I have thin hair but a lot of it. I have been trying the whole “no poo” thing… I find that i like how it makes my hair feel but do not like how it makes my scalp feel. So I wash once a week or so, with head and shoulders which makes me feel sooooo much better.

    I also have been using the “no poo” styling gel. I too like how this helps my curls, but i find that Im still frizzy on the top layer.

    Ahhhh so many issues with curls- but everyone always compliments my hair so I guess its not THAT bad.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
    🙂 Sarah

  • I have very very curly hair, but at the part with the defuser, I am a little confused. How do you pile your hair into it and then where do you hold it? against your head?

  • I had trouble losing my curl over the past few years (I’m 22 now) and I realized it was because I was doing everything wrong and drying it out in every possible way! I tried the no poo movement but my scalp couldn’t handle it, then I started using Deva Curl No Poo every other day and it was LIFE CHANGING. It’s a sulfate free no lather cleansing conditioner and I only use it on my roots and my hair doesn’t get greasy and my curls haven’t looked so good in years. I also found a hair salon that specializes in curly hair only, and nothing helps more than a good haircut 🙂

  • My hair is pretty similar, I started using Deva Curl No Poo and it changed my life! It’s a cleansing conditioner so it still gets out the grease and oil but keeps in the moisture. I use it every other day or every day if my hair is extra greasy, and just rub it on my roots in the shower and my hair hasn’t looked this good in years!

  • I see everyone’s comments about shampoos to use for curly hair (thank you), but I’m needing direction on products to use after it is washed. I haven’t worn my hair curly in years (straighten it every day), but it is because I’ve never had a product that didn’t make my hair either crunchy or still kept it frizzy. I’ve tried moose, spray gel, etc. I need some ideas on specific products that work. My hair is curly/wave ringlets (white people hair – no offense) Help! 🙂

  • All of the information in this site is right on. I have long red curly hair and do just about every one of these tips and I have a lot of compliments on it. I don’t use a diffuser but I will throw my hair over my head and blow dry it about half way or a little less. I leave it to dry the rest of the way naturally while I’m getting dressed for work. The last thing I do is put my regular creams in my hair, fluff it with my fingers and I’m done.

  • This is a great post! I would add squeezing out excess water with a t-shirt. Switching from the roughness of terri cloth towels to cotton has really helped my curls!
    I am writing a blog that focuses on the latest in curly hair tips, and would love for you to stop by and check it out! 🙂

  • Angie, I totally know where you’re coming from! I am personally a HUGE fan of the DevaCurl products. Their gels and mousses do not leave your hair crunchy at all! The best thing is that they cater to a wide variety of hair types, so you can find the product that works best for you. I am actually writing a blog that focuses on the latest in curly hair tips, and I think I have some things over there that might help you!

  • I use one my husband’s old t shirts to wrap my hair to gently soak up moisture in my hair. I leave on my hair for no more than 3 minutes. I also sleep on silk pillow cases to keep my hair from getting frizzy over night as I roll around.

  • Great tips! To tell you the truth, I’m really envy of girls with curly hair, I really want it too! I’m sure these tips will help me a lot, so thanks. 🙂

  • Angie, I love Miss Jessies products. I like the multicultural and the quick curls lines from it. I haven’t tried Deva curl yet but my friend does and she loves it.

  • Angie, I had a pixie cut as a kid until I got sick of people thinking I was a boy. Then I had a fro until my hair was long enough to braid it everyday. I have since experimented with products since 7th grade.

    Life changer was washing my hair every 2-4 days. I always wash my hair with a scalp clarifying shampoo, then use any Pantene pro-V conditioner. I put the conditioner in by flipping my hair and scrunching in the conditioner. Then I put it in a bun while I wash my face. Then brush with a wide tooth, rinse, and back in a bun until ready to style.

    Squeeze access water then flip hair inside down and squeeze with a cotton t-shirt to remove water. With head upside down, add nickel-size amount of regular conditioner, I like Tresame moisture. Then mousse and herbal essence spray gel.

    Second day hair, I wet down to smooth out frizz and apply spray gel. Or 2-3 days in a ponytail or bun depending on my mood.

  • I have long and extremely curly hair, and I can agree with these tips! After your hair is dry, no matter how much everyone wants to, don’t let people touch it! Contact with skin dries out your hair horribly and it gets super frizzy.
    While applying product, do the “prayer hands” method. Put the product in your hands and pat it into one side of you hair while keeping your hands in the prayer position. Do this while your hair is really damp, but not dripping wet!

  • I have really curly hair bouncy cream Boi silk and a little biology gel works great
    don’t be stingy with hair products

  • my daughter has curly hair and we’ve found that using an old tshirt to dry it is much better for it than using a regular towel..

  • I too have VERY curly kinky hair and am frustrated. I just don’t know what to use. I have tried many products and not satisfied with any. Now I know how to dry correctly and this might help. I do air dry.

  • I really want to know what type of treatment would work best to contain ringlets from just blowing up like a lion’s mane, and also what kind of a diffuser should i use for ringlets (if at all there are different kinds of diffusers). My hair has a lot of volume which is why i grow it out long so it weighs down and doesn’t go in all directions but this look is very boring all the time, and in the summers kills me so i end up making a bun almost half my lifetime. what hair styles can i try with such hair?
    I’ve read you article and also your replies to people and i found such happiness in them, i’m hoping you could help me, because all stylists in parlour’s do is rip me off at my haircut session’s and leave me looking like a messed up poodle anyway.

    hope to hear from you 🙂

  • I have to disagree with you. I have wavy, curly thick hair. I have found using products without sulfates make my hair dull, lifeless and frizzy. They esentially screw up my natural curl, and simply do not do anything for my hair. I have been using Redken products lately (do include sulfates, and they have done wonders for my dry hair–and it no longer looks damaged anymore!) Please stop telling girls to not use sulfates, just because they have curly or wavy hair. It seems to do nothing for me, and I’m disappointed by the results of the first time I’ve ever used a sulfate free product.

  • The lack of sulfates in a product wouldn’t be what did nothing for you or screwed up your natural curl. It would be because of an ingredient in the product you chose. Sulfates are also an irritant that can dry out your hair and skin, there is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to move away from using products that contain sulfates. I too use Redken products, from their sulfate free line. For most people, switching to sulfate free will help their curls last longer and keep their hair hydrated. I’m sorry you didn’t like the product you chose, but again, it wasn’t the lack of sulfates that caused your issue. You would need to look at the ingredients in the product you chose. Taking sulfates out of the product wouldn’t cause hair to become dull, lifeless or frizzy as they have zero to do with that.

  • I’m hurt by the defensive tone you took in your response. Your insinuation that it must be my fault and not the product’s fault was really hurtful. I never insinuated removing sulfates from your routine was bad, because removing anything artificial will benefit you in some way. Please do not assume I don’t know what I’m talking about when the lack of sulfates obviously changes how the product works. I’m allowed to be disappointed with a product that promises to be better for your hair, when it has not delivered, so excuse me for being skeptical. Wouldn’t you be?

    You mentioned that sulfates don’t ” have anything to do with dull and lifeless,” yet you suggest that it has made others’ hair do the opposite. How can one have no effect on the other when that is your exact reason for suggesting it? Anyway, thank you for your response, and I appreciate it. But instead of attacking, why not move in a positive direction and make a suggestion?

    What do you suggest for the best curl, because obviously the product I have chosen does not work? What are your favorite products? Good luck on your hair adventures. We’re both here trying to figure out how to make our hair look the best, there’s no harm in that.

  • It’s not a defensive response? I’m sorry you read it that way. I wasn’t insinuating that it was your fault, I’m saying that the lifeless, frizzy, dull hair results are a direct result of the product you chose and not that products lack of sulfates only. It’s the fault of the product, not yours. Of course you’re allowed to be disappointed with a product but that’s not what you brought up, you asked us to please stop telling women to use sulfate free products I assume because of your disappointment in the product you tried. That’s not something we are willing today as we do stand behind our sulfate free recommendations for naturally curly hair.

    Removing chemicals from your products can give some life and shine back to your hair. So removing a sulfate can only help not harm, you know?

    I’m unsure where you’re seeing that I’m attacking you. I simply responded to your argument that we should stop recommending sulfate free products. I have a huge list of recommendations that I could share but you weren’t asking for any. In order to recommend something I would need to know what you’re looking for, shampoos, conditioners, styling products?

  • Satin polyester silks can still give you reduced friction on your hair, but you will be missing out on the rest of the benefits of actual silk. Look for 100% silk in at least 19mm weight. Good quality real silk pillowcases will typically cost between $30 – $50 a case.

  • I have extremely curly hair also and I just found this miracle product! It’s kinky curly curling custard and it’s this super gooey gel that makes your hair stay in place with limited frizz! They also have a leave in conditioner called knot today which i havent tried yet because of how expensive the curling custard is ($17 for a decently small jar). It’s at target and whole foods :p

  • Coconut oil is great i’ve found for taming frizz, but use sparingly or you’ll end up with a greasy mess.

  • I agree, if I use the sulfate free exclusively I have the exact same problem you described Cassidy. I tend to rotate from sulfate free to low sulfate every other time or so and it works for me. I just want a good styling product that helps eliminate (reduce) frizz while still allowing for some volume. generally the frizz reducers are oil based which just make my hair go flat.

  • I have read almost all of these comments thank you everyone, I have learned a lot so far:) I have been following everything in the blog except I do not own a diffuser. I have had long curly hair all of my life and two months ago I got a haircut and now it is up to my shoulders. I have been having so much trouble trying to rock this look you could say. I have been putting it in buns almost every day. HELP! I am looking for a great product to help define my curls and not be frizzy at all. Also some helpful remedies to naturally grow my hair:) Any response is great, Thanks You:)

  • Any suggestions on products!? I feel like I still haven’t the correct one! Either too crunchy, too heavy, leave my hair oily. I color my hair (it’s magenta 💖) so I don’t wash everyday. And only comb when wet. Air dry. Use product then use a damp micro fiber towel to scrunch. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks for the info!!!

  • Everyone is giving great tips and I can’t really often any more except after years of blowdrying my very curly corkscrew curls – I have decided to try and let it be natural..not an easy feat! What used to be effortless to style my curly hair – is now a mystery where if I diffuse or air dry – the shrinkage is insane and I look like Lil Orphan Annie! I think it is easier to have long curly hair, but mine is layered and if blown out, hits my shoulders, but left to diffuse or air dry…hits the bottom of my ears. It isn’t frizzy…just looks ridiculous! Any one out there that has the same issues…I would LOVE to hear what you do!! Besides deep conditioning, putting on a hair mask once a week and following the LOC method – leave in, oil and cream, when it is wet…I don’t have more to add to the already helpful advice. I keep looking for that holy grail hair product….haven’t found it yet!

  • Great tips! I have fine hair with long ringlets? I found this technique reduces frizzy. Use several different products as you suggested (Redkin best by far) Only brush from the root once weekly then rinse with conditioners without shampoo. To dry take the diffuser cup off the dryer, curl up the hair and place in the diffuser. Point the dryer away from your face, down the hair length and into the diffuser cup without moving the dryer around. I do this in an effort to dry with the hair grain in tact and it works well. Since the weight of my hair makes the top flat I dry the roots first with some root booster then dry the ringlets on warm medium fast dryer, when dry turn dryer to cold to lock the curl and immediately hair spray before drying the next section. After all is dry use your fingers at the roots to blend a little. A good cost effective brand is the new Loreal detangleing line.

  • Yep, stop using your shampoo and just switch to a silicone-free conditioner. You can wash every day and it will actually do your hair good instead. The shampoo is what kills your hair…not the scrubbing.

    The scrubbing actually stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth.

  • My routine:

    I wash my hair with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner (yes, conditioner not shampoo) scalp and everything. Really scrubbing all over my head. Then rinse with warm water while scrubbing my scalp.

    Then I condition with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and rinse with cool water. The cool water helps lay the hair cuticle down (which is what give you shine).

    Then I use a little bit more of the Tresemme Naturals Conditioner as a leave in – just on the length not the scalp.

    Then I scrunch my hair with my hands and squeeze out any excess water. Then apply a few half dollar size dollops of Herbal Essences Curl Scrunching Gel into my hair.

    Then I let it air dry. (takes about 30 min or more depending on the weather) I do not touch my hair at all while my hair is drying. Once it is dry, because of the gel, my hair will be crunchy feeling. Then I flip my head upside down and scrunch my hair to break that gel cast and then get gently scrub my roots a bit to separate and blend together.

    And done. I’m left with soft, bouncy, healthy, shiny, frizz-free curls that last about 2-3 days. Then a start my routine over.

  • I have finally embraced my thick very curly hair but still struggle with finding the right styling products that still keep my hair soft and not crunchy. My nickname as a kid by parents was Shirley Temple. My curls are soft ringlets and a huge struggle is the right cut for my face shape. My stylist is well versed in working w curly hair but I would love to find the right cut. How do you figure out which cut is right and which face shape you have. My hair is just past my shoulders and long layers to try to help w the weight and pull down of my curls…oh and I air dry my hair 90% of the time.

  • I have very thick red curly hair. I always used the hair dryer/flat iron until about a year ago. Now, I use nothing, I always let it air dry. I wash it about every 4 days, no more than that. The humidity is great for my hair! Last summer my curls were awesome, ringlets, little twists all over my head. This summer although curly, it’s just not as good as last year. I have always used the same products … I use the AG Recoil after I wash it and I put it on when my hair is sopping wet, no towel, no boxer shorts! I am wondering if I’m not getting the same curls because it’s time for me to switch products, or could it be the haircut isn’t as good as previously? I also use the argon oil after it is completely dry, although not too much of it.

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