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20+ Time Saving Beauty Tips

Yesterday, we talked about how I will do anything to save time which is why I need to focus on the Best Makeup Removers! Today, I wanted to share with y’all some of mine and my FAVORITE bloggers Time Saving Beauty Tips for when y’all are on-the-go or just looking to save a bit of time in your routines! Some of my go-to tips for saving time in your beauty routine are quick and easy like a 5 Minute Makeup Look, skipping the hair washing and reaching for a dry shampoo, give yourself a blowout at home vs going to a salon and probably the best tip I can give y’all which is also resounded below is to find some product multi-taskers that can be used for different things like a cream blush as lipstick, eye shadow as a blush or bronzer & so on!

20+ Time Saving Beauty Tips From The Pro's! #beautytips #makeup #beauty #makeuptips


  1. Use an eye brightener like Too Faced Candlelight Glow Shadow Insurance to add a bit shimmer to your eyes and make them look more awake. You can skip the eyeshadow with this product. – Phyrra
  2. Cream blushes and even lipsticks are great multi-taskers. If you’re pressed for time, you can use both cream blushes and lipsticks for both your cheeks and lips. Then all you need to do is add mascara, and you’re out the door! – Brikasia
  3. Use multi use products like lip/cheek stains, use a shimmery eyeshadow on your eyes and as a face highlighter… It will save time not to juggle so many individual products! – Slashed Beauty
  4. Although this might not sound like a time-saver at first, if you pat your skin dry instead of wiping it down with a towel, your skin retains more natural moisture and you’ll find yourself requiring less moisturizers and lotions to keep that skin soft and looking healthy! Who doesn’t like spending less time slathering on layers of lotion? – MrsThreeInThree
  5. Keep a range of lipsticks in your bag, in particular a classic red, a soft neutral and a bright hue you love. Lips are something you can do on the run with any reflective surface. –  The Plastic Diaries
  6. To help reduce morning puffiness, take a bag of frozen peas (or small veggies) and place on your face. If it’s too cold, place a small washcloth or paper towel in between. Leave on for 5 minutes. – Pink Heels Pink Truck
  7. When using a face mask or medicated face wash apply it before you brush your teeth (or before hopping in the shower) and then rinse it off when you’re done. You’ll get more of the skincare benefits by letting the product sit on your skin for a few extra minutes and you won’t spend any extra time doing it by combining it with something you’re already doing –  Beauty 101 Blog
  8. Forget about lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss! Swap out all of those products for a moisturizing lip balm stick in a bright color. I personally love the Clinique Chubby Sticks. – Framed Frosting
  9. When trying to save time, I apply my eye and cheek makeup with my fingers: L’Oreal Infallible shadow in a light/neutral color as a wash on the lids or a cream shadow and a cream blush. Also, I keep it simple: blush, eye shadow, mascara, tinted lip balm, under eye concealer, and a touch of powder if I need it. My other timesaving best friend: dry shampoo! – Pammy Blogs Beauty 
  10. I keep a makeup bag in my bathroom full of everything I might need to get ready in a pinch. My recent favorite foundation, blush, and bronzer are in there, as well as some nude eyeshadow and sheer lip products. When I’m not rifling through drawers, I can get ready much more quickly. Plus if it’s in a makeup bag, I can just grab and go and apply in the car if need be! –  Justina’s Gems
  11. If you are doing your manicure in a hurry, make sure to follow up your quick dry top coat with some moisturizing cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil. (I like the Special Edition Scent!) Not only will it moisturize your cuticles after using remover, it will help your polish dry faster and protect your nails in case you bump them while getting ready! –  Polish Insomniac
  12. I have two! Use a comb to detangle hair in the shower! & Skip the foundation, and use concealer and powder! – A Dose Of Paige
  13. For daytime, use a multitasking moisturizer that, in addition to having an SPF of at least 30, contains multiple antioxidants. That way, you can hydrate, sunblock and get the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants all at once. Two of my favorites are Jan Marini Physical Protectant Broad Spectrum SPF 45 and Paula’s Choice RESIST Super Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 (this one is especially great for oily skin!) both of which also provide a light tint to even out your skin tone beautifully! – Beauty Tidbits
  14. Foundation powders, like Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation, are the greatest invention since sliced bread for those of us who live our lives on the go. It’s one stop shopping that lends long-wearing coverage! – Painted Ladies
  15. f you’re pressed for time, keep your makeup simple. Wear tinted moisturizer (ideally with SPF) setting powder, mascara and a fabulous lippy! Bad hair day? Spray dry shampoo, comb and style it messy bun or low ponytail. – The Fabzilla
  16.  As a busy mom of 3 boys (2 of which are twin 4 year olds) – I need a quick makeup and skincare routine. For everyday – I take my Virgin Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil and use as my moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated all day. It provides me with a slightly dewy finish so I look fresh without looking oily and has a natural SPF to keep my skin protected. Since I don’t use foundation – I normally go for a volumizing mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex) and a lipstick, balm stain or tinted lip balm. If I really want to stand out and show off a little swagger, I’ll rock out a purple lip like Milani’s Violet Volt Lipstick. If I need to add some color to my eyelids, I’ll usually opt for a paint pot or cream eye shadow that I can swipe onto my lids with my finger for a quick eye look. For my crazy curly hair, I’ll either wear it down if it’s rather tame or I’ll pull it back into a high messy bun and I’m good to go. – Honey Girl’s World
  17. When it a huge pinch mix foundation with daily moisturizer and apply with fingers to the skin and massage in. You’ll get some Instant coverage and hydration in one. Followed with a bit of mascara and cream blush applied to cheeks and lips. Voila- ready in under 5 mins. – Makeup Life Love
  18. For a picture perfect manicure that doesn’t take me forever, I clean up as I go! I use a tiny, custom trimmed brush dipped in a little dish of acetone to whisk away little boo-boos on my cuticles and skin and perfect my gap curve, every coat, every nail as I polish. It is so much faster and easier to clean away wet, freshly applied polish than to drill down through many coats of base, enamel and top coats of a finished manicure. – Icy Nails
  19. Being a multi-tasker, I like to do two things at once to save time. While I’m in the shower, I apply a deep conditioning hair mask and simply pin it up with a clip. I keep the mask on my hair while I’m shaving, and simply rinse it out when I’m done. My hair always feels softer and hydrated afterwards.  – Inspiration And Celebrations
  20. When I pick my clothes the night before I always pick my makeup as well. Saves time digging through all my makeup! – Southeast By Midwest

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I know I learned a lot of new tips to incorporate into my beauty routine and save some much needed time! Comment below and let me know some your time saving beauty tips!


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