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Simple Facial Moisturizers


Simple Facial Moisturizers Review


Have you ever tried the Simple line of products? I for one was completely obsessed with their toner! It is one of the best! I was excited to try out the two new Simple Facial Moisturizers!  Simple is a range of facial skincare products that are sensitive to skin’s needs. Simple knows what is left out is as imporatant as what is put in when it comes to gentle, yet effective skincare. Like all Simple products each of the Simple facial moisturizers is free of dyes, artificial perfumes & harsh chemicals. They’re made with added vitamins and skin-loving ingredients.

SImple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer


SIMPLE ULTRA-LIGHT GEL MOISTURIZER – I tested this out daily (in the mornings) for a few weeks. My skin was always instantly hydrated with a noticeable amount of moisture. I felt like my skin was retaining that moisture throughout the day as well without feeling greasy. This Simple facial moisturizer is one of four in the line boasted as a “unique, ultra-light and fast-absorbing gel”. I love gel moisturizers. I’m not sure why but for whatever reason I feel like they just sink into my skin and work better. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth. The added vitamins in the gel moisturizer are Pro-Vitamin B5 (known to help replenish, soften and smooth) & Vitamin C (an antioxidant known to improve the appearance of skin) & this moisturizer is 100% oil-free. I was impressed with how well this did in comparison to it’s bigger brand counter parts. I would definitely reach for this before another gel moisturizer.

Simple Nourishing 24-Hour Day/Night Cream


SIMPLE NOURISHING 24-HOUR DAY/NIGHT CREAM – While testing skincare products I sometimes come across one that I know I will gravitate back to when I am not in a testing phase, and that’s this one. This new Simple facial moisturizer really hit it out of the park for me & did exactly what it said it would. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s super affordable! I used it as my night cream and was definitely impressed. I woke up with smooth and soft skin while I usually find myself a bit dry in the mornings. The moisture really lasts, the cream itself is super rich and would be amazing for someone with extra dry skin. It worked great for my combination skin! “Made with shea butter to help provide moisturization” which I though would give it a strange scent but it doesn’t have one at all! This baby is packed with added vitamins like B5, E, Oat Kernel Oil & Oat Kernel Extract all working together to give you softer, smoother, nourished and soothed skin.

I’d say these are both A+’s in my book! The two new Simple Facial Moisturizers are an awesome addition to this already great line of products! They can easily be found at Walmart, Target, drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. They started hitting the shelves in February so it should be easy to find!


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