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10 Ways to Add Neon to Your Wardrobe

Hey everyone! How are you doing? It’s been a long, but fun month since I was here last!

It’s summer which means that neon is huge right now. It’s definitely one trend that I’m glad comes back year after year because it looks good on almost everyone! I love how a simple neon accessory can make me look more tan.

I never like to spend a ton of money on trends though, because we all know they come and go. So, I came up with 10 simple ways to add neon to your wardrobe without breaking your bank account.

Luckily, you can find neon everywhere right now and be sure to hang on to everything you find, because you will definitely see it back again next year! (*Crosses fingers*)

For those of us that like to take advantage of trends but don’t like to go crazy, this list is for you because it’s designed to add neon without being too out there. If you like to be bold though, go for a full neon shirt! Those are always fun!



  • Scarves. Light scarves can be fun in the late spring/early summer, especially at night! Try to find some with a neon print or accent to bring out the tan you’re working on!


  • Phone cases are a great way to accessories. Neon ones are super fun and you definitely won’t be losing your phone anytime soon! 1//2//3


  • Neon stripes on bags are everywhere right now and it’s so cute! It’s fun to pair a neutral with a bright neon stripe.       Clutch  //  Beach Bag


  • Neon jewelry is a great place to add some neon to your life! It’s bright and colorful and definitely makes your outfit pop!      1//2//3//4


  • Hair accessories are a fun way to add neon and some of the headbands lately can even bring back an 80s vibe which is always fun!


  • Belts that are neon are a fun pop against some denim shorts


  • Keep the sun out of your eyes with some neon sunglasses. They are fun and colorful and perfect for summer!


  • Neon shorts are fun because they really bring out those tan legs and aren’t as loud as a neon shirt.


  • Neon bandeaus are great under tank tops as they provide just a peek of neon.


  • Neon shoes are so fun and you can do so many different styles, so you’re sure to find a neon shoe that fits your personal style!

Be sure to check out my blog during these summer months because I’ll be sharing some fun neon DIYs as well to customize items you may already have!


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