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Break Up With Your Makeup + Sweepstakes

Break Up With Your Makeup Mirvaso

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself “WOW. I look like a giant tomato!” because I certainly have. It’s not cute and it causes me to have to pile on the product from concealers to powders to try and cover up my redness. While I have not been diagnosed with rosacea I can definitely relate in the redness department, it comes with complexion.  I am a super pale girl and with that comes this redness in my face in any situation where I not sleeping. The outer rim of my nose, my chin, my cheeks and my forehead are super prone to redness. For me, it’s something that I try and conceal as much as I can but at the end of the day, it’s still there because the make up is only a mask. Nothing is being done to actually heal and prevent my redness. Mirvaso is giving you the opportunity to Break Up With Your Makeup (don’t be scared, I promise it’s awesome) and stop concealing and start healing!

Rosacea is a common, inflammatory skin condition. It affects an estimated 16 million Americans, more women have rosacea than men. If you’re one of those who suffer from rosacea, I think Mirvaso would be a great product for you to test out. I love playing with my makeup but having a proper skincare routine to heal and prevent is something I am very passionate about.

Break Up With Your Makeup Infographic

Have you been covering up your facial redness instead of treating it? You are not alone. I am right there with you and so are 4 in 5 (82%) other roascea sufferers and using cosmetics to cover up redness with no results. The makeup is just covering it and not treating it. It’s also becoming quite costly, right? On average, rosacea sufferers spend $36 on a single non-prescription product that promises to hide or cover-up facial redness. That is mind blowing to me, a cheapie at heart. Why spend all this money to just cover it up when I can grab something that will heal it.  Mirvaso® (brimonidine) Topical Gel, 0.33%* is the first and only gel specifically developed and proven to reduce the persistent facial redness of rosacea.


Mirvaso is an easy-to-use daily gel that shows results quickly and lasts for up to 12 hours.  Proven results that were reviewed by the FDA for safety and efficacy. And, depending on your insurance, prescription copays may be as low as $25 and go up from there. Don’t be afraid to check with your dermatologist and start spending your money on healing rather than just concealing.

Break Up With Your Makeup Skincare Tips

Great tips, yes? I love the stay hydrated tip since I am a firm believer in putting into your body what you expect to get back from it. Drinking the right amount of water each day is going to really do wonders for your skin!

I said sweepstakes, so I know y’all are excited to hear about it! Want to go to the Emmy’s? Mirvaso is giving you a chance! You can check out their sweepstakes page here for more information and your chance to win!

Important Safety Information – Mirvaso® Gel
Indication: Mirvaso® (brimonidine) topical gel, 0.33% is an alpha adrenergic agonist indicated for the topical treatment of persistent (nontransient) facial erythema of rosacea in adults 18 years of age or older. Adverse Events: In clinical trials, the most common adverse reactions (≥1%) included erythema, flushing, skin burning sensation and contact dermatitis. Warnings/Precautions: Mirvaso Gel should be used with caution in patients with depression, cerebral or coronary insufficiency, Raynaud’s phenomenon, orthostatic hypotension, thromboangiitis obliterans, scleroderma, or Sjögren’s syndrome. Alpha-2 adrenergic agents can lower blood pressure. Mirvaso Gel should be used with caution in patients with severe or unstable or uncontrolled cardiovascular disease. Serious adverse reactions following accidental ingestion of Mirvaso Gel by children have been reported. Keep Mirvaso Gel out of reach of children. Not for oral, ophthalmic, or intravaginal use. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

*Each gram of gel contains 5mg of brimonidine tartrate, equivalent to 3.3 mg of brimonidine free base

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