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Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade

Homemade Spiked Passion Tea Lemonade! A Starbucks favorite you can do at home with a twist!

Since last Summer when I was first introduced to the yummy goodness that is the Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade I have been obsessed with it. I started stalking Pinterest (as one does, when they want to find a hack for something) to try and find a Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade recipe and I was quite happy to find that there were hundreds. I’ve been doing the Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade for so long that I started to wonder how it would taste as a cocktail (as one does, when they turn 30 and want to drown their sorrows) so I started trying it out a few different ways and I’ve finally come up with the perfect concoction to make this Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade into an amazingly delicious cocktail for these hot Summer days!


  • Lemonade (I prefer to do it with Simply Lemonade, but I’m sure any brand would work the same)
  • Tazo Iced Passion Tea (You can pick these up at Walmart and the tea bags are large enough to do an entire gallon or more!)
  • Smirnoff Sorbet Vodka; Lemon (I’m sure any lemon vodka would do but I’m a Smirnoff gal)

Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade Spiked Ingredients

Once you’ve got your ingredients ready the rest is super easy and you will be well on your way to enjoying endless Spiked Homeade Passion Tea Lemonade’s! I’m enjoying one right now 😉

Spiked Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade
Recipe Type: Cocktail
Author: Angela Peters
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
A homemade spiked version of your favorite Starbucks drink! Quick and easy and perfect for Summer.
  • Lemonada
  • Smirnoff Lemon Flavored Sorbet Vodka
  • Tazo Iced Passion Tea
  1. Boil 32 ounces of water and pour over the Iced Passion Filter Bag in a 64 ounce container.
  2. Pour in 26 ounces of COLD lemonade
  3. Pour in 6 ounces of lemon flavored vodka
  4. Enjoy over ice!

See? Easy peezy! I will absolutely be making these for all of our Summer cookouts! I can’t get enough of these Spiked Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade’s and they are sure to please any crowd!


**DISCLAIMER: This post contains a recipe for an alcoholic beverage. Please consume responsibly. 


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