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Love Your Glasses

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I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since the fourth grade, I don’t even want to count how many years that has been! I just turned 30 on the 6th so I’m sure the actual calculation would leave me somewhere in a puddle of tears with mascara smeared all over my gorgeous prescription glasses. I was not immediately lover of my glasses, I was a little girl and the thought of being ‘different’ terrified me as I’m sure it does with most young girls. That self-conscious little girl didn’t stick around for too long and after a few months I was in love and I did not care what anyone thought! I learned to love my glasses, and have a deep appreciation for all the things they let me see clearly. I love my glasses because they define my look, they are the perfect accessory to many an outfit and I feel super confident when wearing them!

I loved watching Eleanor with her glasses, transform from a young (and probably self-conscious like me) girl and grow into a beautiful young woman, full of confidence! You could see how her style changed and grew with her over the years. You got to see some of the beautiful things her glasses gave her the ability to see and watch as those around her enjoyed her presence. Her style went from adorable as a young girl and right into chic and modern. Watching the video actually inspired me to wear my prescription glasses more often than I already do! is the perfect place to find glasses that are affordable, modern and a perfect fit for your style! I loved browsing through and seeing all there was to choose from!
Love Your Glasses!
I wanted to go ahead and share some of my favorite styles with you that has to offer! These six styles are super cute and I would love to make them mine. My glasses are an accessory to me and I want them to be perfect, they’re not just a need they are definitely a want! That’s why I make it a point to shop for the best of the best and pick out modern and chic styles! Eleanor found her perfect pair and each of us should be able to do just that. I want to love my glasses so I tend to browse forever before picking them out. A bonus, super cool feature and a sure fire way to be sure you’ll love your glasses is that they have an app that allows you to virtually try on the prescription glasses so you can find the perfect pair!

Wearing prescription glasses should be fun! A pair of glasses helps you see the world, the perfect pair of glasses helps the world see you. is your one stop shop to find your perfect pair!

Do you wear prescription glasses? What’s your style? Let me know!


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