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Sunless Tanners for your Skin Tone


Find the right sunless tanner for your skin tone! #beautytips

Find the right sunless tanners for your skin tone can be a daunting task but there are tips and tricks that will help you! I’m a very pale person almost translucent so I could not wear something meant for darker skin without looking a bit cray. That said, some of my favorite products are easily swapped out on different skin tones or can be used with each other to make them fit for you.

I can pretty much grab anything self tanner wise and be good to go based on years of application trials and failures I’m pretty confident that I can pick up something meant for darker tones and still make it work with a light hand. However if you’re new to the sunless tanner scene it can get super confusing so I wanted to share a few with you that will almost always work perfect for your skin tone!!

FAIR TONES //  For us pale girls we can definitely will do well with a gradual tanner like Suave’s Visual Glow, application is a breeze. I also love the tea tan glow from Beautisol and find that it works perfect for my skin tone and gives me a natural sun kissed glow.

MEDIUM TONES  // You’re kind of in the middle, right? You are the lucky ones because you could probably pick anything out these choices and be fine! For medium tones though I have two that I absolutely recommend which are the foaming sunless tan from Rodan + Fields and the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze spray. Both have easy application and won’t leave you streaky.

DARK TONES  //  I am SO jealous of y’all because you probably already have a gorgeous olive complexion but if you’re wanting to really get your tan on without risking the harmful rays of the sun you can go with the Moroccan Tan from Xen Tan or the cult favorite St. Tropez tanning mousse.

**Again, a lot of these can be swapped for different tones. I personally have used the St. Tropez without anything else and been fine. These options are more of a ‘safe zone’ for anyone who isn’t yet comfortable in the sunless tanner pool. Once you get in a groove you’ll not what shades and options will work best for you!



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