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Hair Product Confessional


Hair Product Confessional! My go-to products and what I have been loving lately! #beauty #hair

I’ve said this before, I am kind of a snoop so all of those “What’s In My Bag” and “What’s In My Shower” posts and videos are favorites of mine! They’re actually the first YouTube videos I started watching. Last month I took y’all through my Makeup Bag Confessional and thought it’d be fun to go ahead and do a Hair Product Confessional for this month! Some of these products are all-time favorites that I have been using forever and some of the stuff is new-to-me favorites that I have been falling in love with. Most of these will work for all hair types and are completely inter-changeable with the same type of product if you don’t want to spend money or anything new! So in no particular order, let’s get started!

Hair Product Confessional! The Best Shampoos! #hair #beauty

In true confessional form I should probably let you all in on a little secret. I am a shampoo junkie, there are currently more bottles of shampoo in my shower than I care to discuss. It’s a very serious problem, says my husband. Some stand-out stars though? Sudsy Shampoo from Gnarly Whale in the scent “Ocean Water” is freaking amazing. I could literally sniff this stuff for days, unlike other all-natural shampoos that are vegan, this suds power this one has surpasses everything. I am truly head over heels. For a dry shampoo, of which I too have far too many to count, I have been loving this Garnier Fructis Volume Extend, I even spray on freshly washed and dried hair just for the volume alone. I’ve recently been trying to Pump Up the Volume in my hair, if you haven’t noticed, did you see this post? So this L’Oreal Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo has been working it’s way into my routine and it’s a heaven sent, for sure.

Hair Product Confessional! The Best Hair Masks! #beauty #hair

I can’t say enough good things about Phyrra’s Pretty Little Elixir, seriously. It has single handedly breathed new life back into this color-treated, dried out, damaged from heat hair! I use it once every 6 days and I am obsessed. I just gave up actual conditioner on a tip from my hair stylist (still testing that out) so getting that deep conditioning moisture is super important to me. An oldie but a goody? Suave’s Moroccan Oil Mask is almost always in my shower! I use it once or twice a month and the scent is to die for!

Hair Product Confessional! The Best Leave-Ins! #hair #beauty

Leave-ins are another addiction, wow this confessional is getting real… huh? A few of my favorites are for sure the Suave Moroccan Infusion styling oil, I use this just on my ends for a bit of shine on dry or wet hair, it makes styling a breeze. My hair tends to get crazy so I have fell in love with Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion, it’s legit. Also the smell is heavenly. Yum! Like I said, I have color treated hair and sometimes the effects of that become a battle so having this L’Oreal Root To Tip leave-in is a must! Last but not least, the reason I have given up (for now) conditioner, the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner, was recommended by my stylist and she said to use it after washing instead of using a conditioner. So far I have noticed way more volume to my hair and way less breakage, she just might be on to something here!

Hair Product Confessional! The Best Styling Products! #hair #beauty

Styling products? Oh there’s plenty of those to go around these parts! You’ll notice a trend VOLUME is a must! This is New Jersey, after all. I guess we’ll start with my holy grail of a heat protection spray, Pantene is literally the bomb dot com! Volume, ftw…right? To start we’ve got the GG Gatsby (the salon in Jerseylicious) Root Lift Spray this stuff serious does wonders, I barely have to tease if I spray this on dry roots. It gives it instant lift. A new-to-me fave is the Rusk Texture that I got in a Glossybox and I can never find a try texture spray it’s always, always sea salt liquid sprays for texture. Super excited to have found this little gem! My all time favorite hairspray (besides Aqua Net, the purple can) is the Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease! Amazing maximum hold with so much flexibility it’s as if you’re not even using a hairspray! Last but not least, another stylist tip for super volume is the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, now I have used hair powders in the past and nothing compares to this, not a thing. Instant volume. If you lose it throughout the day just a sprinkle a bit more in and you’re hair is high again! Love it.



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