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Nios Shield Review


Nios Shield. Leave-In Conditioner & Whipped Hair Gel Review #beauty #hair

We’re chatting about Nios Shield today, a new to me brand that designs their products with three things in mind. Hair protection, scalp protection, and styling power. I was super excited to try out their Leave-In Conditioner and Whipped Hair Gel. First impressions? I love, love, love the packaging. The colors are super fun and just speak to my soul. Do you have products that do that for you? It’s the packaging sucker in me for sure.

Nios Shield Leave-In Conditioner Review #beauty #hair

Leave-In Conditioner  //  Year round protection for healthy-looking hair and frizz control? Yep, sign me up! I have super fine hair that tends to get rather frizzy on more than one occasion. I’m always wanting products to combat that. Also, like we talked about in my Hair Product Confessional, I have pretty much given up conditioner except for in leave-in form on a tip from a stylist. When I look for a leave-in, I need it to be super moisturizing for my color damaged hair and this one is just that! It’s a non-greasy, light, natural hold combined with SPF 15 sunscreen. Bonus for having moroccan argan oil, one of my favorite things in a hair product! It hydrates your hair, tames your frizz, and does it all without weighing it down. The SPF leaves your scalp protected and your strands safe from sun damage that causes fading for color treated hair. It smells how you would expect anything with moroccan oil to smell, heavenly. You can use it after every wash and not worry about build up.

Nios Shield Whipped Hair Gel Review #beauty #hair

Whipped Hair Gel  //  Now, I am not usually a hair gel user but on more than one occasion I go for the beachy waves look and let my hair air dry. When I do that style, I like to use a gel for a bit of style power. This is ideal for short hair but also can help people with long hair looking to add a medium hold and some volume. Which is why it’s perfect for the beachy waves look. It smells amazing. I have seriously been loving this one! Same as the leave-in, it has moroccan argan oil and SPF.

Overall, I was uber impressed with Nios Shield, I will definitely be purchasing the leave-in when my bottle is done! Both are available for $26 here. ****Not tested on animals. Does not contain phthalates, synthetic dyes, nano-particles, sulfates, parabens, or PABA.

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