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5 Ways To Organize Your Life & Blog


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Fall is in full swing and that means all of the holidays are not far behind! This time of the year tends to be the most stressful for me all around. From life to the blog everything is just crazy. I was already planning Fall and Halloween posts pretty early in August and at this point I am already thinking and scheduling for Christmas. I am always looking for ways to organize my life and the life of this blog as a whole. I have certain things I must do to keep everything together and keep me stress-free. September is national self-improvement month and since I love sharing these tips with friends; I thought I would share some here in case any of y’all are in this same hectic boat.

5 Ways To Organize Your Life & Blog!

1. SET OFFICE HOURS & STICK TO THEM  //  This really doesn’t have to be ‘blog’ life only. If you do any sort of work from home you want to establish office hours and you want to try your best to stick them. If not, there’s a good chance your are going to end up driving yourself crazy. Believe me, I have been there I am a medical coder and I freelance out jobs so everything is done from home. I have to try to find a balance between that and doing things to keep the site organized and running smoothly. I sat down one day and came up with a set schedule of different time blocks that things need to be done within. A good tip for sticking with this is getting yourself a timer, you can set mini blocks for certain things and set your timer. When the timer goes off, you’re done with that part and can move on to the next. Easier said then done, right? I know, it takes a little practice but since doing this my mental health is so much better and the stress of the day does not weight as heavily on me.

2. SIGN UP FOR ACTIVITY ALERTS WITH LIFE LOCK  //  Does everyone remember the whole Target mess? That was such a scary time for us because we shop at Target constantly and I spent hours and hours checking if we had shopped there and used our debit card during the time frame they had their breach. Nothing adds stress to my life more than worrying about the status of my bank account, is everything going to be paid on time, is there enough in there, have I been breached? LifeLock can help.  The new LifeLock Ultimate Plus program offers several new activity alerts that add peace of mind against identity fraud in a digitally connected world.  LifeLock is always working for you – protecting your information and notifying you of activity. Check out the LifeLock site for more information on activity alerts!

3. BUY ALL OF THE POST-ITS  //  This can’t just be me, do y’all live with hundreds of post-it notes? It’s the easiest and most efficient way for me to take notes and give myself mini-reminders. While I definitely have a daily “to-do” list, sometimes I don’t even open that up for half of the day. Post-its allow me to have what needs to get done immediately right at my fingertips. A bill needs to paid? A post needs to be scheduled? You have to remember to share your post on social media at a specific time? Jot it down on a post it note and color code them if you’re extra crazy like me and you’ll find the satisfaction in ripping one down and chucking it after completion is such a satisfying feeling.

4. MAKE A PLAN  //  One of the biggest ways I find that reduces stress is making a plan. From life to this blog, everything has a place and time when it gets done. While I don’t stick to it 100% all the time, for the most part, I do. It makes it so much easier. I have a pocket planner from Target where I list my editorial calendar, appointments, meetings and daily to-do’s. Then in a larger sense for my blog, I use this Blog Planner from A Dose Of Paige, I printed it out and had it bound at Office Max for easy access. Makes everything so much easier.

5.  CLEAR YOUR INBOX & MAIL BOX  //  I know that your email box isn’t actually taking up any space in your life but it is definitely distracting and super daunting. Make some time, set your timer and get through it. I find making different folders for certain things that I need to get to but maybe don’t have the time for right now, helps a lot. Same goes for your physical mail box, does it overwhelm you to clear it out and get bombarded with junk mail and credit card offers? I feel like I get 10 a day and they’re just staring at me taking up space waiting to be opened. LifeLock protection reduces the amount of pre-approved credit card offers you receive.

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