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How To Tease Your Hair


How To Tease Your Hair! 5 Pro Tips.

Let’s have a little chat about how to tease your hair. I’m a Jersey girl and I have been teasing my hair for quite sometime always wanting to add that extra volume that all of us thin haired gals crave. Hair teasing or back combing as my loving aunt an 80s loving teen calls it takes a bit of practice. There are certain tips that I have learned along the way that I would love to share with you, I have been doing this so long that I consider myself a pro.

TIP ONE  //  You only want to tease your hair when it is dry teasing wet hair will severely damage it, do not go there. If you know that you will be teasing your hair, I suggest that you skip the conditioner in the shower. Conditioner will prevent your hair from developing a natural texture for the tease to hang on to. If you’re teasing your immediately after washing and you are using a blow dryer to dry it; you want to encourage volume at your roots and blow dry your hair while your head is upside down. I find that I can get 5x’s the volume that way. If you’re teasing already dry hair or let’s say teasing on day two; add some product to encourage volume. I like this hair powder from Big Sexy Hair.

TIP TWO //  You want to grab the right products. I highly recommend a teasing brush (like this one) over a comb, it’s gentler. Dry Shampoo will be your best friend (this is a favorite of mine here) and a touchable hold hairspray (like this one). You’ll use the dry shampoo to add texture and the hairspray to hold it. Since we’re not living in the 80s anymore, you don’t have to grab any Aqua Net (although, I still do at times) and get crazy; a light spritz will do.

TIP THREE  //  Section off your hair. You want to tease 1″ sections at a time. Get to work, holding your hair up and tight use your brush to perform the teasing action by backcombing toward your scalp.

TIP FOUR  //  Smooth your hair with your fingers not with a brush. You’re going to want to hide the tease with the other sections of your hair. You want the hair to be high but you don’t want everyone to see why it’s so high. A girl must have her secrets.

TIP FIVE  //  Once everything is smooth and style the way you want it. Grab a shine spray (here is my favorite) and spritz a bit on and go about your day. I like to keep some of the hair powder I was talking about with me, so if my tease starts to fall I can just sprinkle that on the roots and poof everything back up.


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