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Easy Twisted Side Poof | Hair Tutorial

Easy Twisted Side Poof Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay
For me, working from home makes it’s very easy to lose track of the last time I put on real clothes, did my makeup or brushed my hair. I just get into that mindset of “What’s the point? I’m not leaving the house anyway.”. I get there sometimes and it kind drives me crazy. Even if I am working out of my home, that doesn’t make me my want to look and feel beautiful any less. I try to get up and get ready each day, as if I was actually leaving the house. I have a simple everyday style that I turn to daily. It’s quick and easy and makes me feel beautiful. In that moment, when my husband comes home from work and I’ve been working all day and dinner isn’t done and the laundry is piled up, he still takes a second to tell me I look nice, and that makes all the difference. It brightens me day. I wanted to share my quick and easy hairstyle with you all today.

Suave Products | #HairoftheDay

For this style, you can pick up a few Suave products to prep and style. I shampooed and conditioned with Suave Professionals Natural Infusion with Macadamia Oil. It was super moisturizing and I loved the scent. I only wash my hair about every three or four days and I could tell that the moisture really stayed when I switched to this. Before drying, I wanted to make sure I could get some body and texture into my hair for styling so I used the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Leave-In Foam. It’s for all day body and has seaweed and lotus blossom. I use about three pumps and apply it to my roots when my hair is still damping, combing it through to the ends and then blowdry.

Easy Twisted Side Poof Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay

STEP ONE  //  I have FLAT hair so I need a little bit of bounce and height to it. For this, I take a teasing brush and go ahead and backcomb my entire head. It takes me maybe three minutes, short angled bob makes it easy. I concentrate on giving the most lift to the crown of my head.

Step 1 Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay

STEP TWO  //  This is super easy, just grab the front section of your hair. If you have a bang you can put this in there, if not just the front layer will do. Just twist it one to two times towards the back of your hair.

Step 2 Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay

STEP THREE  //  Now that you’ve got it twisted and pulled toward the back, grab some bobbi pins. You’re going to pin it right here and place the bobbi pins into an X shape to make sure it gets a tighter hold. Spray it with Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Extra Hold hairspray to make sure your style stays in place. I finish it off with Suave Professionals Natural Infusion with Macadamia Oil Spray to give it some added shine.

Step 3 Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay

Suave Touchable Hold Hairspray | #HairoftheDay

It’s a quick and easy style that’s perfect for everyday. It really helps me to feel beautiful and makes it easier not to get into a rut!

Easy Twisted Side Poof Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay

You all know from past posts that I am a lover of all things Suave; so it’s super easy to use their products to create great styles!!

Easy Twisted Side Poof Hair Tutorial | #HairoftheDay

What products and hairstyles help you to feel more beautiful?

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