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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro aka My Right Hand Gal || GIVEAWAY

Get organized & have your right hand gal by your side with Lenovo! Spring. Spring is finally here and I don’t know about all of you but once the weather gets nicer and we can finally come out of hibernation I always feel like my plate gets super full. Spring cleaning, spring makeup launches, spring nail launches. So much to do. Between my day job, blogging, and keeping my apartment acceptable for living I have to be organized and productive all the time. If I’m not, I will literally lose my mind. I’ve been using my Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro for life and blog, to keep it together!

The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro is full of awesomeness. Ashton Kutcher is one of Lenovo’s product engineers and worked with Lenovo to promote this round of YOGA launches. The hinge was inspired by a watch, and features 813 hand-assembled pieces of aluminum and steel. It’s basically designed perfectly to be the perfect personal assistant, ya know, my “right hand gal”!


Part of being a beauty blogger means nail art. I love to catch up on Youtube videos while I’m coming up with my different nail art tutorials and waiting for everything to dry and taking photographs. The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro is perfect for multi-mode usage: laptop, tent, stand, tablet. I flip it into stand mode while I’m watching videos. I can just prop it up on my desk and multi-task working with entertainment. If that’s not productive I don’t know what it is, right?


When I’m logging my posts or looking for inspiration, I love using my YOGA 3 Pro in tablet mode. It’s super easy to take notes and just scroll through on the super easy to use touch screen. It’s absolute perfection. This also comes in handy for other things… Found an awesome recipe on Pinterest? Just sit your YOGA 3 Pro down in tablet mode for easy access.


My favorite mode, tent mode! I love using like this. It makes it SO easy to take notes and fill in my planner with different tasks. I usually spend this time filling out my editorial calendar and writing down due dates while scrolling through my site to see what needs to go where. If I don’t do this, I’d never post, I swear.

Get organized & have your right hand gal by your side with Lenovo!

The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro comes in Clementine orange, brushed gold, and light silver. I’ve always been a fan of brights so clementine orange is essentially my spirit animal. As a Beauty Blogger with a passion for nail polish and DIY Beauty who loves to share quick and easy on-the-go tutorials for the everyday gal, this computer makes my life SO much easier!

Want to make your life a little easier? You, my friends, can enter to WIN a Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro for yourself! Read the Official rules & regulations & just comment below telling me how you stay organized! One commenter will be randomly selected to win. Open to US Residents only, contest ends Friday, April 24. Good luck! Be sure to Visit Lenovo US on Facebook & Follow @LenovoUS on Twitter! Stop by  the Trend Hub to check out how the other tastemakers are using their YOGA 3 Pro’s and have more chances to win!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • Honestly? I stink at staying organized. I have notes everywhere and half filled out paper planner. I need this is my life. And yes, I’d totally choose that clementine color, too!

  • I feel like I stay organized by some miracle most of the time, but on weeks when I’m particularly on the ball, I keep everything compartmentalized in my Google Drive and use sticky notes on my desktop as a lifeline. 😀

  • I try to stay organized with a good old fashioned planner… but that only works when I remember too use it, lol! I have had my eye on a Lenova Yoga for a couple of years- I have my fingers crossed! 🙂 Thanks to both you and Lenova for a fabulous giveaway!

  • OMG I want this. I stayed organize with Google Calendar on both my phone and via desktop. I also am huge on writing things down in my handy planner. Plus being a sticky note freak I think I am pretty organized. this thing looks amazing!!!

  • I stay organized by using goggle calendar and setting up alerts on my phone. I also have a notebook I carry around to keep a to do list

  • I totally need one of these in my life to stay organized! Thank you SO much for the generous giveaway – fingers crossed!

  • I use a combination of things to stay organized — my Outlook calendar (for work stuff), a day planner (for personal stuff), Google Chrome (for recipes — I love that I can access my bookmarks from any computer/tablet!) and Pinterest (for everything else!)

  • Fashion/Beauty – I stay organized by coding items by shape and color. Since nail polish brands use so many differently shaped bottles I code them by shape to keep them neat. When it comes to my closet, I code my clothing by color.

    Tech – I use apps like Pocket on my phone that let’s me tag links so they’re easy to find later. When it comes to important files for my social media work I use a naming/dating convention so files are easy to find.

  • I need to learn from your organizational skills. Teach me your ways lol. Seriously, I love that this laptop has so many options. And, the color! 🙂

  • I use sticky notes and colorful boxes to stay organised! I like to organize my shoes in see-through boxes, jewlery and make up in smaller, colorful boxes☺Thank for this giveaway!

  • I would be so lost without my Galaxy phone, I have everything in its calendar and so many notes and lists.

  • I stay organized by using lists. Unfortunately, I have so many lists on so many different pads/notebooks that I often feel overwhelmed. I’m hoping to find a method of consolidating all my lists to one place.

  • I’m a list maker so having lists in my Google Drive and my Google calendars synced up to all my devices really helps me keep it all together. I love that color — the perfect addition to my tech loving family!

  • I use a bright fushia planner w/ assorted washi tape and sticker accessories to keep everything best and tidy!

  • I TRY to stay organized with my planner, or I write stuff on a sticky note and leave it at the office or at home!!

  • I try to stay organized with my planner, but working full time and going to school full time—this would be AWESOME!!!

  • My best way to stay organized is my Erin Condren planner that I handwrite, but I also have my computer ToDoLists and my Outlook calendar. Maybe too much?! 🙂

  • i am a planner by nature. I have a notebook I take with me everywhere, and I jot things to do, notes, dates to remember, etc.

  • Oh good gosh, lists, lists & more lists all written down all over the place and mental notes & sticky notes in my planner & on the wall above my desk! HAHA! Oh my gosh, I’d love to win this! My poor laptop now is giving out on me! It took me forever to even enter my information in to leave this comment 🙁
    Fingers & toes majorly crossed!

  • I’ve tried a planner. It worked for a few years, but my interest faded and so did my organization. I now use a blank sketchbook to stay organized. It’s full of lists upon lists, reminders, important dates, and doodles. So far, this has kept me on track.

  • Lists, my phone calendar, and my husband all keep me organized! Without lists i do not know how people function haha. Great giveaway

  • I stay organized with cool coloured pens and neat papers. Also with my apps that keep me on track.

  • We stay organized with a whiteboard calendar on our fridge and keeping important dates on iphones with alarms.

  • Always putting things but where they belong and getting rid of things I don’t need right away.

  • i like staying organized by using my phone calendar for appointments, sticky notes (paper ones and digital ones!), writing stuff into my planner…and constantly thinking about or reminding myself of things that need to be done.

  • I like to stay organized with the help of technology! I have lots of apps that will notify me of to-do things.

  • Sounds like a fab tablet! My organization is total chaos pretty much lol. I do have a calendar in the wall for important dates, and I use a lot of sticky notes. I definitely need to get a system together soon because business is picking up fast. ☺

  • I stay organized by making To Do lists on lots and lots of sticky notes 🙂 I also love to color coordinate different tasks with different pens and I love to organize things with cute containers!

  • I stay organized with my google calendar and my day planner. Between the two – and sticky notes, and lists – I manage to keep up with most things.

  • My cell calendar. I tried list and calendar books, but I always lost them. With my phone I have my calendar in sync with my outlook,personal email, and Facebook that way it automatically saves everything in one place. Plus I take my phone everywhere so I don’t have to worry about double booking for forgetting my calendar.

  • I stay organized with my cell calendar. I tried paper list and calendars, but I always lost them. With my phone I have it in sync with my work email, personal email, and Facebook that way it automatically saves everything in one place.

  • I use my cell calendar to stay organized. I tried the paper list and calendars and I always lost them. So with my cell I have it in sync with my work email, personal email, and Facebook so everything is all in one place that I won’t forget.

  • I ATTEMPT to stay organized by using APPs via my Iphone and with a planner! But about to have a major change in my life… I’m gonna need reinforcements!

  • I use Google calendar for appts, post it notes for randomness and the back of a envelope for a shopping list.

  • What an amazing opportunity!! Thank you for sharing this with all of your fans and followers! I don’t know where I would be without my Google calendar. It keeps me organized and thank goodness for the reminders I set. I also just picked up a daily/monthly planner from Paper Source. It is a pretty mint color with gold accents, and I like being able to write notes and reminders for school and appointments because with my google calendar, it’s mostly just dates. 🙂

  • I stay organized with a daily planner, calendar, making daily lists.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  • I’m a queen bee list maker and post it’s are my best friend. There’s always random ones reminding me of my to-dos stuck to the refrigerator, the mirror, anywhere I think will keep the task in mind.

  • This would be awesome! Staying organized… well I don’t really :/ Keeping my crafts in order- ziplock baggies!

  • I stay organized through my smart phone. But I like making lists in journal and post it notes. I don’t have a laptop or computer, this would help me stay really organized tho!

  • I stay organized by literally writing EVERYTHING down. I’m a mom, wife, and small business owner with a zillion things going on at once. My planner keeps me (somewhat) sane. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • I’ve always been a super unorganized person until recently. I’ve jumped on planner bandwagon, and honestly wished I had jumped on it sooner. Love how it keeps me super organized!

  • I use accordion style folders for bills, receipts, medical stuff . We have a dry erase board on the fridge to remember appointments. I write myself ALOT of notes. If it’s not written down, I won’t remember to do it. I think the most important thing is to keep up with it every day. Stuff can pile up so quickly.

  • I use my iPhone calendar and reminders to stay organized and not forget stuff (which doesn’t always work). So because I need to constantly visualize, I also use a huge calendar as a mousepad on my desk where I can constantly see what needs to be done and when. Since I work from home, I spend most of my day sitting at my desk. So being able to really see what my month/week looks like all the time, allows me to not double book or have to re-schedule because I made a mistake. I also keep my house super tidy and organized by getting rid of clutter and things I don’t use on a regular basis.

  • I use my iPhone calendar and reminders to stay organized and not forget stuff (which doesn’t always work). So because I need to constantly visualize, I also use a huge calendar as a mousepad on my desk. Since I work from home, I spend most of my day at my desk so seeing what my week/month looks like allows me to not double book or not to have to reschedule because of any mistakes I may have made. I also keep my house tidy and organized by getting rid of clutter and things I don’t use regularly.

  • I’m not very good at being organized! I try to use my iPhone to keep track of things a bit better, but I’m kinda hopeless! LOL

  • I stay organized by always planning ahead, keeping up with all of my to do work by making lists & schedules, and by always putting things back where I got them right away

  • I stay organized by using a physical paper planner to keep track of all appointments and IRL commitments, and then online tools like CoSchedule and Buffer to keep track of blog posts and social media posts. It would be AMAZING to win one of these laptop-tablet combos!

  • I stay organized with the calendar on my phone. Without those alarms a lot would be forgotten.

  • I stay organized with my planner and a calendar in the kitchen. I like to see everything written out for the entire month. Helps me visualize and to keep focused.

  • I use my laptop for everything, I have folders for anything and everything too keep me organized. I love Lenovo n I’ve wanted one of these for college since they came out with them! Oh and dis I mention orange is my favorite color?! Love it.

  • I stay organized by using printables, a desktop calendar, and keep a day planner in my bag.

  • I stayed organized through the calander in my email I also have a calander hanging on my fridge too.

  • I stay organized (barely) with the help of Google Calendar on my computer and a huge write on desk calendar.

  • I stay organized by making to-do lists on yellow legal pads and setting calendar reminders through Yahoo Mail for the really important stuff.

  • I use Cozi app for my appointments. I am impressed by this product and I think I would be more organized with it also. Wow!!!

  • I have a REALLY hard time staying organized, so I keep a paper planner, and set alarms and appointments in my phone so I have multiple reminders for everything! I’m also a compulsive list-maker, and I always have things written down on my dry-erase board by the front door so I can see important things when I’m walking out.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway; I’d LOVE to win!

  • Honestly, I’m not so great at staying organized which is why I *need* this tablet in my life!

  • I have three things that help me to stay organized:

    1) Master calendar in the kitchen to compile everyone’s schedule,
    2) My iPhone calendar for my personal schedule, and
    3) My blogging planner for my editorial calendar.

    I can always get more help with Yoga 3 though 😉 Thanks for the chance.

  • I Stay Organized By Using A Calendar App On My Phone For Appts, Personal Events, Etc. And I Use Storage Boxes, Name Tags, Zip Lock Bags -To Stay Organized At Home & The Office. I Find That My Life Runs Much Smoother When I’m Organized; However, I’m Not Perfect….Sometimes I Just Want To Be A Little Lazy!!!

  • I use my Lumia phone to keep track of everything, from birthdays to nights out with my BFF’s. I would be lost without it!

  • I stay organized with my trusty paper planner Any.Do app on my phone! If I won this awesome Lenovo, I might transition to an online calendar instead of paper!

  • I am post it queen, I stuck them too mirrored, the back of the door, anything I can think of to remind me of what I need to do and to make sure I have what I need.

  • I (try) to stay organized with apps on my phone and Google calendar. I also have a daily planner on my desk.

  • I stay organized with my EC planner. If I didn’t write everything down, I’d forget it all.

  • I stay organized by making lots of lists which help me figure out exactly what I need to do and the best, more time efficient way to get everything done.

  • Lists, lists, and more lists. And when I am really feeling the need to organize, I gather all of my lists and combine them into one.

  • I’m not very good at staying organized with any particular method except my memory and putting appointments on my phone’s calendar.

  • I stay organized by trying to plan ahead and make list and have different color folders for bills/kids paperwork/ doctors etc. I make list for everything and set up reminder alerts on my phone.

  • I stay on track by using the calender on my phone as well as handwritten notes. I am all about staying organized and on schedule.

  • OH….staying organized is one thing I am working on this spring! I do not have a way right now, our laptop died a few years ago….so this would be so great to help me get organized again! I would love to use the calendars online! I would also love to use the forms for budgeting! Right now…I just try to remember whats going on……and sometimes….I forget something! LOL

  • Oh. I could really use this for work. I need a tablet to stay organized and also for the portability.

  • I stay organized by a giant write on/wipe off calendar on my wall in the kitchen. Everyone has a different color marker and EVERYTHING has to be written down. That way we know who has to be where and when.

  • Wow, this looks cool. I usually use my phone to stay organized, but this would be a big help too!

  • I have a giant frame that I use to keep track of all my orders and their due dates. There’s a couple smaller frames that are for just notes and to do lists too!

  • I’m still old-school and use a wall calendar, but this would be an awesome upgrade for the entire family!

  • I stay organized with lists! I use sticky notes and have reminders on my phone and have my calendars synced everywhere!

  • I stay organized with a physical calender that I am constantly adding notes and appointments to and also I like to make daily to do lists to better help me stay on track.

  • I stay organized by making To-Do lists for the day. This helps me to accomplish all my tasks! I also make sure to calendar everything and back that up!

  • I stay organized with google calendar – and by always prepping for days the evening before – that means laying out clothes, making lunch, putting the stuff I need to grab by the door…..etc…..

  • I use the google calender and merge them between my phone and my computer and have alerts as reminders.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • I’m so old school. I have a calendar in the kitchen with large boxes that I write down everyone’s birthday’s in the first of January every year. It helps me keep mental notes that way.

  • I’m obviously not even organized enough to finish my thought! Ha I was going to say I could use a lot more organization in my life!
    mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail (dot)com

  • This sounds like such a great laptop and it’s so chic and pretty! For now I stay organized with a Kate Spade agenda and also my iphone. This would be so helpful because it often gets tough organizing life with two jobs and full time college student! 🙂 xo

  • I try to stay organized with Google Calendar! Looks like a great laptop for that & lots of other things!

  • I have to make a to-do list for the day, haha. I know it seems too much, but hey it works for me!

  • I usually type my daily tasks on my phone to stay organized so I would be prepare for the next morning.

  • How do I stay organized? Not very well. I’m one of those people who has post-it notes everywhere (which I lose constantly). Something like this would be PERFECT to keep me organized. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  • I stay organized by using a planner and having a dry erase board on my fridge. I wouldn’t say I’m the best with organization but since becoming a mom I’m trying to get there lol.

  • Have a great memory so while exercising every morning I’m making mental notes of the days to do’s . It helps keep my mind off the drudgery of working off the chocolate cake.

  • Wow this is the perfect laptop! I stay organized by setting reminders and making lists, so I don’t forget things!

  • I stay organized electronically. I have my information (calendar, contacts, notes, lists, etc) synced between my phone, tablet, computers at home, and computer at work.

  • My wife and I use services such as Google Keep for notes/lists and google calendar for scheduling all of our family events.

  • Stay organized? Well, there is my desktop PC that has about 20TB of data that needs to be reorganized when I have a 48+ hours to spare, although that will have to wait until I can do a complete rebuild of the system since my Windows installation is no longer entirely stable after all of the software updates that have been done on it.

    Then there is the pile of papers on the desk that I need to get to as soon as I can.

    Then there is the box of papers I need to get to whenever I get caught up on everything else. Hopefully that will be before I need another box.

  • I try by putting it in alphabetical order or by adding symbols to my papers so I know which is which. But, of course as time goes by my organizational skills get worse every time. I try to keep it up when I need it however.

  • organized?? once a month i get rid of all the papers on my desk once they start to block the other wise i must must have a daily planner and i write everything down..i would forget all the appointments otherwise and i am not savy enough for outlook!

  • I stay organized by using lots of folders, whether it’s online in my email, electronically on my laptop, or physically for receipts and important papers.

  • I stay organized by making lists of things I need to get done a daily basis, use sticky notes on my desktop for important info, use my cell phone to organize all of my appointments and have a notebook where I store all of my passwords and usernames. By doing all of these, I stay pretty organized.

  • I try and stay organized with a planner and google calendar – I need both to try and keep organized. I wouldn’t know what to do without my planner around!

  • I’ve set up a system to tame the clutter lol. I loke to keep track of everything from emails to receipts. I utilize a notebook for when i need to make grocery lists.

  • I would use it to keep all of my class notes in one place, and work on getting rid of the stacks of paper around my house!

  • Lists! I have to have lists to keep me organized and on schedule. I keep a lot of those lists on my laptop.

  • I Stay Organized By Using A Ton Of Post It Notes, Using A Calendar And Fun Colored Personalized Bins.

  • Haha, how I stay organized? That is funny because I’m not organized. But, I am on a mission to get there and here are the steps I am going to take. My problems are paper. So, I am going to take the steps to try and go paperless as much as possible. I will sign up for my paperless banking and credit card accounts and then I am going to throw out some of the old unneeded paper. I also file everything it does help to find things when you need them like the instruction books on appliances, etc. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I use a planner and google calendar for general organization and lots of lists for planning and organizing smaller things

  • ORGANIZED? What’s that? I have piles of paper all over my desk & floor. BUT, I do know where everything is at! Everyone laughs at me when I find something right away! I guess I just have a GREAT memory! I need to step into this century & get rid of the paper! UGH!

  • I stay organized by having a place for everything! A place for everything and everything in it’s place!

  • I try to stay organized using little systems I created, and on line tools, to keep track of what’s going on

  • I stay organized online. My calender is vital, and I also make lists and charts for various household tasks.

  • I have a planner in my purse, a calendar at work and another at home…and post-its and lists everywhere! I could so use this!

  • My husband and I use a series of linked digital calendars to organize our lives, so this would fit right in and would be a big help!

  • I stay organized by using a daily planner at home and at work, and by using apps on my iPhone to keep track of appointments and important dates.

  • I use my Outlook calendar at work to stay organized. All my important appointments are on there. So a good computer is a must.

    Diana C

  • I think the only thing I have that is organized is my craft supplies and they are in plastic rolling carts that I have grouped alike other than that I need to be more organized because I have stuff in containers and whan I look for something I have to go through everything and hope I find it at the top or hope to find it at all.

  • Welllll I TRY to stay organized! I am getting in the habit of putting stuff into my email calendar. I also make a TON of notes in my phone’s note pad. It’s my brain in another form.

  • I stay organized by using a master calendar in my kitchen to keep all my family’s appointments, events, etc. straight. I also use a To Do list that I keep on a clip board at home and cross off and add to as needed. Online, I use google bookmarks to organize my educational sites, favorite blogs, recipes, research and more.

    I absolutely love that the Lenovo Yoga 3 has the different usage modes! It sure would make staying organized and multi-tasking much easier versus being bogged down with a heavy laptop. Thank you for the amazing giveaway 🙂

  • I actually have been trying to get my life more organized. I have been using pins I have found on pintrest and my calender on my smartphone.

  • I have always made lists and now I have paper lists, lists on my phone, lists on my computer, and appointments on the wall calendar. I try to use technology as much as possible and my desktop computer is very organized. I also have Word and Excel charts for keeping track of things.

  • I stay organized with my Note 4 phone. Can’t live without it. Would be nice to also have a laptop!

  • I stay organized with an electronic calendar and a paper calendar (and lots of post-it notes)

  • i honestly am horrible with organizing (hubby’s biggest complain) im hoping our move will help me start a new organized lifestyle 🙁 the only way i remember stuff is with sticky notes i place it in the fridge or else i will forget.

  • I have to makes notes for myself to stay organized, my planner is on hand at all times

  • I have a dry erase board I put important dates I need to remember or I write it down in my notebook at my desk.

  • I stay organized using my phone, but it is kind of hard not having a tablet to do it and my laptop gave up on me LOL. I really love the features of this tablet and would love to win one. I will be way more organized with Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro

  • I stayed organize with Google Calendar on both my phone and via laptop. I also am big on writing things down in my handy planner that keep in my purse.

  • I use a day planner as well as my phone so that I don’t miss anything. I love writing down my recipes for the week so that we don’t fall behind and we are left with frozen pizza!

  • I try to stay organized using my laptop for recipes and business documents but when it comes time to use my recipes my laptop takes up too much room in the kitchen. As far as keeping my apartment organized I try to wash and put away dishes right after supper.

  • I need this to help me get and stay organized! Right now I rely on post it notes stuck everywhere!

  • I have to write everything down or else I’ll forget it! Honestly, I need to work harder at getting organized, but for now it works well enough.

  • It’s ard to stay organized right now. Working on getting a new laptop to make hat happen.

  • We stay organized with Google Calendar, to manage swimming, soccer, school and work events. And of course to make sure date night doesn’t fall off the schedule.

  • I rely daily on my Google calendar on my phone but I desperately need to get more organized. Having two jobs and doing freelance work has my schedule in a whirlwind. This Lenovo Yoga 3 would definitely get me back on track and make life SO much easier.

  • I stay organized by adding everything to my calendar on my phone and keeping notes on my phone with important information.

  • i try to keep things color coded because we have so many items and well that didnt work made it more work so i just have signs that this is what this spot is for and i always right things down when i need to get it done or when we need to pick up we have a big calendar

  • I use sticky note apps and bookmark everything I need to access later. Then I have my bookmarks organized into folders. This Lenovo would be a lifesaver!

  • I stay organized by using Google calendar and I always write myself little notes! I utilize notebooks and even dividers in my drawers to organize my files.

  • I use the calendar app, and alarm app on my smartphone to keep track of appointments and things to do.

  • I use my phone for organization, the calendar, notes and lists. I’d prefer staying organized with a Yoga.

  • I use the reminder on my phone as well as the notes section and voice app. I love a great planner so I can see the year, month or week at a glance. And I am a list fanatic. Love my lists no matter where they are.

  • My mom brains started to fail after i became a mother of four girls. LOL. I keep myself organized thanks to my phone’s calender which has all my appointments. I also have a planner where I take notes, believe me, i forget everything….jAJAJ… DAY by Day.. I take it easy by engaging by husband to help as well.

  • Lovely site and the way I stay on top of things is using my phone. This would be awesome and such a help to me to win.

  • I wouldn’t survive without One Note and Google Sheets. I also make sure all my devices are integrated so that I can go from phone to laptop to work office and not miss a beat.

  • I stay organized by writing daily lists, and by getting things ready each night for the next day.

  • I stay organized by writing out daily lists to keep myself on track. I also get things together each night for what ever I need for the next day.

  • I stay organized by writing out daily lists”. I also get things together at night for whatever I made need the next day. Post it notes make great reminders too.

  • I use the calendar and notes app on my computer with the added help of the occasional low tech post-it note.

  • Sadly Im not very organized. if it weren’t for my reminders on my phone I would forget everything

  • I stay organized with an app on my phone where I have lists of everything that has to be done.

  • I stay organized in a variety of ways — online calendars for work, personal, and family, intense folder and subfolder setups for digital files, tags/labels and folders for email. Even with all of my attempts at organizational skills, I am constantly feeling overwhelmed by digital files!

  • I have not mastered complete organization yet, I have good intentions and notes and lists and such. I’d love to keep trying new ways to stay organized with this though.

  • I stay organized with lots of lists and a great program called Time and Chaos.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • I stay organized by using my calender app on my phone, dry erase board at home and little notebook

  • I see my future in a beautifully uncluttered house that has rubbermaid containers and shelving. That’s how I stay organized in my mind. lol.

  • I don’t know what I would do without my day planner! I keep this with me at all times so I know where I am and what I am supposed to be doing 🙂 Its been working for me so far!

  • I have always had a problem with organization. I’m still no where near where I should be but Ive been using my phone calendar and a small file system and its helping a little.

  • I am not the best at staying completely organized but I try to stay organized by using a daily planner and making use of my reminder/calendar app on my phone.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • I couldn’t get a thing accomplished without making lists. I use my tablet to organize and prioritize all of my appointments, as well as my projects and fitness goals.

  • I’m organized because of my shared google calendars with the hubby and the shared cloud storage we use! We scan all of our stuff there instead of saving papers in filing boxes that I have to dust!

  • OMG organization is a challenge for me! But I do two things that had helped me, one is using google products (drive, calendar, etc) that way everything is in one place. And the second and most important is writing down what I need to do immediately so I don’t forget. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Organization use to come naturally to me, but with age I seem to have lost some of it along with some memory. I now use lists, and jot down notes to keep me on schedule, and for the most it is my computer that keeps me organized and on top of things. How wonderful the digital and techie age is.

  • Staying organized means working at it every day for me! Notes, my calendar and a planner help me out the most, as long as I don’t misplace them! 🙂

  • I try to stay organized the old fashioned way, with a paper planner! I’ve always loved the Erin Condren ones but didn’t love the price tag on them so I made one of my own and I take it everywhere.

  • I stay organized by utilizing the command center in our house, my google calendar on the phone as well as a physical planner.

  • Organization is sometimes hit or miss with me, I try to keep things in color coded folders and I’m looking into the best way to backup important info electronically.

  • I would love it to keep my life in order. I could carry it in my handbag and use it in the car or at work.

  • I organize my day into priority “bubbles” of time on my calendar. Everything in a bubble must be completed before moving onto a new bubble. this way I dont get overwhelmed or sidetracked.

  • I stay organized by writing daily lists. It helps keep me focused. I also check my calendar the night before and plan ahead for the next day by gathering things together and getting them ready for the next day

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