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#NOEXCUSES™ Fitness – Full Body Workout + GIVEAWAY

Looking for a Full Body Workout? Then look no further! This full body workout is a definite challenge! It's a TIMED CHALLENGE! #NOEXCUSES™ Fitness Workout Series Full Body Workout #10This post is written in partnership with All opinions and stories and workouts are 100% our own.

Are you ready for another super challenging workout?? I’m back for another round!! In this workout (like last month’s), you’ll be going for time. The difference between this one and last month’s is that this one you’ll be going through the workout at least 2 times, but not more than 3 times. Remember, you’re doing this workout for time. So that next time you try it out, you can challenge yourself to have a NEW Personal Best! So get out your stopwatch and let’s get this full body workout! #NOEXCUSES™

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WARM-UP: 5-10 minutes


SQUAT JUMPS: Start by standing up straight. Feet hip width apart. Core tight. Lower down into a squat position, focusing on pushing backward with your hips (like you are reaching for a chair with your rear) and making sure your knees do not push over your toes. Now jump straight up as high as you can and land back in the lower position of the squat.

HAND-RELEASE PUSH-UPS: Either regular or modified on your knees. The Hand-Release part means that you will lay your body down on the ground and release your hands from touching the floor (just lift them up about an inch off the ground). Repeat the pushup, then release your hands once you are back down on the ground.


BURPEES: Start by standing up straight, arms by your sides, feet hip width apart. Squat down and place your palms face down on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs behind you so you are in a push-up position. Pull your legs back under you into the squat position, keeping your palms face down on the floor. Stand and then jump in the air, bringing your arms over your head to reach for the ceiling. When you land, that is one full burpee. Remember to keep your core tight throughout the entire movement.

COOL-DOWN: 5-10 minutes

Please take a break if you need one. This workout can be a doozy. Don’t like to do Jumping Jacks? Grab a Jump Rope and do that instead! This full body workout is definitely intended to challenge your 100% complete self. So rock it out!

Remember…consult with your physician prior to starting any exercise program. And listen to your body!!

Want more full body workouts? You can find all of my #NOEXCUSES™ Workouts over here, including some great tips! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Either leave me a comment of shoot me an email:

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See y’all next time!

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