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Calm After The Storm

PR SAMPLE  ||  AFFILIATE LINKS Everyone needs a little calm after the storm, right? Late nights can definitely cause some unwanted puffiness and dark circles under our eyes. I am always on the lookout for products that can help with such things. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants that.
Calm After The Storm Eye Cream
The packaging of Calm After The Storm is a super cute, easy to store tube. This is a lavish, super lightweight hydrating and soothing cream. It’s full of anti-aging benefits that will combat and relieve puffiness and dark circles around your eye area. You will get instant gratification as it lifts and rejuvenates the appearance of tired eyes. It helps give you that more awake look that we all crave.Calm After The Storm Eye Cream

Application of this product will minimize dark circles, skin redness, any sort of under-eye puffiness and the appearance of crow’s feet. It’s perfectly fine to be used if you have sensitive skin, no irritation around the eyes at all. I usually experience a little bit of watery eyes when I use some eye creams but this was super gentle and without a strong scent so it was fine for me.

It will address the signs of aging and keep your eye area looking firm. I really have been enjoying this product. It’s easy to apply straight from the applicator on the tube and then I just pat it in. I’ve been using it twice daily as part of my everyday routine. You can find it here for $60 and use the code  HH20SALE for 20% any Lovely Skin products!

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