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Charcoal Beauty Products


The Best of the Charcoal Craze! Get the scoop on our favorite charcoal beauty products!

Yes, charcoal. Please don’t run away, I promise there is a method to this charcoal madness. I feel like charcoal beauty products have taken the world by storm. And we’re not talking the kind you chuck in the grill for a summer bbq, we’re talking charcoal IN your skincare products. Seriously, everywhere I go I am seeing more and more charcoal products. They are definitely on trend as we go into Summer and more importantly super awesome for your skin. 

Activated charcoal helps you achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne by drawing bacteria, dirt, chemicals, micro – particles, chemicals and more to the surface of the skin. Activated charcoal in powder form is proven to absorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substance, that makes it a super fabulous ingredient in facial masks. It’s become highly popular and as much as I sometimes shy away from trendy fads, this is one that I am definitely on board with! “Charcoal is a powerhouse ingredient used for its cleaning power,” says New York City dermatologist Sapna Westley, M.D. “It acts as a magnet to draw out and trap impurities.” Like I said, this is a trend I am going to get on board with!  I wanted to share my favorites with you all!

I absolutely love the hydration gel from boscia, it’s absolutely amazing. Super moisturizing! If you’re an oily skin sufferer or tend to fall on the shiny side than you can grab this gel cleanser and be good to go. And in the mask department, this one is my absolute favorite!

I love love love these papers! Glam Glow is one I am absolutely sure that you have all heard of and with good reason, it’s just that good. I told you charcoal was taking us by storm, even a sponge in its mix!

The pore strips are super fab! Another mask and a few more cleansers to add into your beauty pack! And Lush Dark Angels is a must have in any bathroom cabinet!

Go get you some charcoal beauty products and let us know how you like them!



  • UGH YES, I love that mask too .. but I didn’t get it through a VoxBox .. I was actually browsing down the beauty aisle at Shop Rite (lol) and I needed a good mask, and this one won an Allure award, so I got it and I’ve loved it ever since .. and everyone else obviously! =D

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