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Sun Kissed Beauty Illamasqua

Sun Kissed Beauty with Illamasqua!

Sun Kissed Beauty with Illamasqua!

Are you SO excited that summer is on its way? I totally am. It’s been getting warmer and warmer here and I can’t get enough. It’s my favorite season. When summer rolls around I like to switch up some of my beauty products and really play with the sun kissed beauty shades and bright colors for blush. These two duos from Illamasqua are everything. 

Illamasqua blusher duo in lover & hussy

I am a sucker for a perfectly named beauty product. Lover + Hussy? Gimme. So much fun. I am loving the two of these shades for summer. I’ve even been mixing them a bit to create my own custom shade. They’re bright and fun and absolutely perfect for the season.

Illamasqua blusher duo in lover & hussy

Lover is a gorgeous soft apricot matte blush and Hussy is a gorgeous matte candy pink. They both apply beautifully and last ALL.DAMN.DAY. This new powder blusher duo is a first for Illamasqua and comes with a compact mirror to make application easier on-the-go. They are SO super pigmented, seriously a little bit goes a long way if you’re just looking for a flush of color but you can totally build on it to brighten and enhance your blush shade. They are the perfect summer shades.

Illamasqua bronzer duo in glint and ra

I love my bronzer. LOVE. It’s a perfectly rational relationship, I swear. I’ve used these to contour, give myself a little sun kissed glow and I’ve even used Glint as an eye shadow. Each shade contains crushed pearl powder, for a smooth, even finish that gives face and body a glorious golden glow.Making it the perfect bronzer duo!

Illamasqua bronzer duo in glint and ra

Glint is an amazing shade of golden peach. Ra is a beautiful terracotta bronze that needs to live in your makeup bag. You can’t go wrong here. Buildable, pigmented and fabulous color to complete your summer beauty look. They apply easily and I just can’t stop wearing them.

Illamasqua Contour Brush

The Illamasqua Contour Brush is absolute perfection. You need it in your life. I promise. Shaped to fit the facial contours, this brush is a great way to apply liquid and cream foundations and cream blush enabling you to effectively sculpt the face. Though I have been using it to apply my bronzer and I love the look you can achieve with it.

Illamasqua Blush Up Brush

I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with this. The Blush Up brush is my new favorite toy. I don’t know how I ever applied my brush without it.

Challenging conventional blusher application, Illamasqua’s all-new Blush Up Brush has an innovative, ellipse shaped head, designed to tuck directly under the cheekbone. Creating a soft diffusion of colour up onto the cheekbone, combine the Blush Up Brush with your favourite Powder Blusher Duo shades for a look that defines, elongates and slims the face in one simple movement.


I’ve always been a fan of Illamasqua and these products are definitely must haves! Go get you some and get your sun kissed beauty on just in time for summer!


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