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Joe Scrub Coffee Scrub


Is exfoliation your jam? Then do I have a super fun product for you. Meet joe, a rejuvenating coffee scrub, helping you hit the ground running. It’s homemade and we are just loving it. I love exfoliating so this is something that I was excited to start using.

joeScrub Coffee Scrub

Soothing organic coconut oil works perfectly to hydrate skin, leaving it baby soft. Rich in minerals and Vitamin E,grapeseed oil will help cleanse and prevent breakouts while firming. joe‘s cold-pressed almond oil will protect against the elements, whether harmful UV rays or blistering cold winds.

I think we need to mention that the packaging of this scrub is something that immediately caught my eye. Gold and gorgeous, which makes me reach for it over others.

joeScrub Coffee Scrub


Say hello to joe – he’ll turn your bathroom into a personal spa!

Let his fair trade organic coffee grinds and organic cacao stimulate and increase blood circulation, releasing toxins helping to tighten skin, leaving skin toned and even. joe‘s himalayan pink salt and brown sugar work in tandem with the coffee and cacao to exfoliate skin, buffing away dead skin cells, keeping fine lines and wrinkles in check.

joeScrub Coffee Scrub

It’s really easy to use, just wet your skin and take some of the coffee scrub and go to town. You can grab it right here for $16!

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