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New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

Maybelline New Products

The drugstore has always been my jam for beauty products. There was a time when I had never even thought about going into a department store or high end store for makeup, which has all changed now but I will never give up on the drugstore. It seems like this year there are so many new drugstore products coming out and they are really hitting it out of the park. So I wanted to chat with you all about some of the best new drugstore products from Maybelline, one of my favorite drugstore brands.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

I was super excited when I saw Maybelline share a sneak peek of this palette on Snapchat. A contour palette from the drugstore is something that I think we needed in this world. And I’ve seen a lot of folks who didn’t really have high expectations for this but I am here to put that to rest. This palette is awesome. And you need the Face Studio Master Contour in your life.

Master face contouring on the go with this all-in-one palette – contouring brush included Define and highlight in a New York minute with this effortless 3-step face contouring kit Pro palette with three color shades – the contoured face … now made easy

This palette is designed to last. I got all day wear out of each shade.

The brush it comes with was essentially useless for me. So I went back to basics and used brushes that I use on the daily to highlight and contour.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

This is the angled brush that comes with the palette, for the contour and blush, it’s pretty much useless. BUT as a highlight brush, it’s perfection so I wouldn’t toss it out at first glance.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

Each shade is super pigmented so you’re definitely getting some color payoff. The contour shade is perfect for me when I want to warm up my face and get a bit of a sun-kissed glow.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

I picked up two of Maybelline’s Master Prime Shadow Bases. And I am loving them. I’m really impressed with these and you can go and use them as they’re marketed for a base to your eye shadow look and they’re awesome but you can also use them on their own as your shadow and they work fabulous.

Create a smooth surface and prep area for enhanced color payoff and wear. Soft sponge applicator glides over eyelid for even application. Smooth texture lends eyelids a fresh look.

8-12 hours

Use the applicator to sweep them over the entire eyelid, and then gently pat down with finger to eliminate any excess.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

So pretty, right? I am super impressed.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

Hey girl heyyyyy. You know that I love me some drugstore foundation, so every time a new one hits the shelves I automatically feel like I need to go ahead and pick it up. The Dream Velvet Soft-matte Hydrating Foundation was super intriguing to me. The consistency is pretty cool. It’s almost mousse like but not quite so it’s super creamy. It applies like butter. This is a medium coverage foundation but super buildable and it will cover any flaws.

Maybelline’s first hydrating matte foundation for 100% velvet-smooth perfection
Unique gel-whipped formula. Ideal for normal to combination skin, medium coverage.

I got a good 12 hours out of this, three days in a row.

I found that this was easiest to apply with a buffing brush, like this one. Maybelline says to use their other new product, the dream blender but I found that it was a little too tough and wasn’t really blending everything out.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

This, my friends, is the Maybelline Dream Blender. It looks like half a beauty blender on a stick and I can tell you that as soon as I unpackaged it I was ready to write it off. It’s super tough and once wet doesn’t really expand and you want to use it as a beauty blender but your really can’t so you end up almost having to paint the product on and it’s a bit of a mess. BUT to do not fear, because I have found a use for it, a holy grail use if I do say so myself. Use it to blend your concealer under your eyes, thank me later.

New Drugstore Products: Maybelline


New Drugstore Products: Maybelline

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