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Drugstore Raves

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Bookmark this! Check out some drugstore raves you need this season!

In this industry, I have come across a ton of people who aren’t really the biggest fans of drugstore products. For me though, I am constantly raving about the drugstore. Drugstore products have come up over the years and they really do stand up to their higher end counterparts. I just wanted to take some time and really rave about some of the newest products I’ve picked up at the drugstore that I am super loving.

Bookmark this! Check out some drugstore raves you need this season!

Some of my holy grail products come from the drugstore. The new Covergirl Total Tease and L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascaras are new faves for me that I am completely over-the-moon about. The best part? They’re each under $10. There is zero reason you need to spend $50 on a mascara, the quality at the drugstore is just as good if not better. The value really is there.

Bookmark this! Check out some drugstore raves you need this season!

Liquid lipsticks that have come out of the drugstore haven’t always been the greatest, the new Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipsticks from Covergirl are absolutely amazing. Seriously. They’re full of pigment, the colors are lovely. If you’re looking for long-lasting liquid lipsticks, for a super affordable price, head to your local drugstore and pick up the Melting Pouts, they will pack the punch you’re looking for.

Bookmark this! Check out some drugstore raves you need this season!

Even if you’re just looking for regular lipsticks, any drugstore is full of every shade imaginable at great quality and an awesome price. Whenever I’m looking for new beauty products, 9 times out of 10 I am heading straight to the drugstore.

Drugstore beauty products can totally beat out high-end counterparts!

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If you haven’t noticed, I obviously went with a rave, a drugstore rave of course. I think most of you all will agree 😉 Head over to Squash The Beef, sign up and post to let me know if you’re on team drugstore with me or are we about to have a beef because you’re all about high end? Let me know!

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