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Unicorn Makeup Brushes

My office has become overrun with magic. And by magic I mean unicorns. And by unicorns I mean THE BEST UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES that you ever did see. This series isn’t new, I tried 50+ Amazon makeup brush sets and gave y’all the best of those, then we did the best mermaid brushes. So I ordered up all of the unicorn makeup brushes on amazon that I could find and tried them all out to bring you the best of the best.

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU. LOOK at these fabulous UNICORN Makeup Brushes. You NEED them in your life!

  1. 10pc UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSH SET || So these ones I thought were really cool because the actual handles of the brushes are black. They just really add to your collection in a basic way, if you’re just getting started in makeup this is a full affordable brush set that you can totally grab and be good to go.
  2. UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSH SET + SILICONE SPONGE || This set I picked up because I have a very expensive set that looks exactly the same and I wanted to compare them. Same quality. Decent for sure.
  3. PROFESSIONAL UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES || This set got added to the cart, because pretty. I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think these will be the most long lasting brushes as they do shed a freaking ton BUT they’re pretty and if you display your brushes, they’re perfect.
  4. FULL COLLECTION UNICORN BRUSHES || These pretties are perfect to add to your makeup brush collection.
  5. BLACK UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES || This is another black set of unicorn brushes just with different color brush hair.
  6. ROSE GOLD UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES || Honestly, anything with rose gold just jumps into my cart on it’s own. So it’s no surprise that these pretties showed up here.
  7. UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES || Another version of the basic unicorn brushes but these appear to be a tad darker, lilac even, on the actual horns.
  8. SUPER SOFT ROSE GOLD & PINK UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES || Again, rose gold everything.
  9. CHROME MULTI COLOR UNICORN BRUSHES || These are such pretty colors that I just can’t get enough.
  10. UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES DIAMOND CASE || I picked these because I was instantly in love with the brush case.

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU. LOOK at these fabulous UNICORN Makeup Brushes. You NEED them in your life!

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