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5 Amazon Makeup Brush Sets You Need Right Now

A while back I tried a ton of makeup brush sets from Amazon and I went through probably 75 sets and broke it down in 2017 and shared 7 of the best sets that I had found (you can see that Amazon makeup brush right there) and I really enjoyed testing them out. So many people are newly into makeup or don’t really have the budget to invest in crazy expensive brushes so I want to share that it’s not necessary. You can absolutely grab a brush set that’s affordable and gets the job done.

The BEST & most AFFORDABLE makeup brush sets on Amazon!

  1. BEAUTY KATE OVAL BRUSH SET || This brush set is a repeat from my last list because I still love these brushes. I was surprised because they ended up being great quality. I’ve loved oval brushes since I used my first Artis brush, but let me just tell you, your girl does not want to throw out that kind of cash on brushes. These work and I love the finish, especially the largest brush in the set.
  2. ZOREYA 15PC BRUSH SET | What’s really cool about this set is that it’s absolutely perfect for beginners, there is 100% a brush for everyone. They cleaned super well and didn’t shed. The quality is great for the price and something that could definitely last you a good bit of time.
  3. SIMPLE EYE MAKEUP BRUSH SET | This set is a great starter set when looking for eye makeup brushes for a more detailed look.
  4. QIVANGE MAKEUP BRUSHES | This set was new to me and I really just enjoyed using it. You really get the most out of it that you need for creating a full look. The fluffy crease brushes in this set were great!
  5. ZOREYA MAKEUP BRUSH SET | This is another brush set that really incorporates quite a few brushes that you need in your routine. The fan brush was amazing for a highlighter!

I hope you find a set you’re looking for here! Are these sets going to last you 2-3 years? Probably not. But for the prices, you can get a great use out of them for a good long time! Definitely let me know if you try any of the sets!

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