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Hot New Shit: Amazon | July

Shopping on Amazon made easy! Check out all the awesome fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds this Philadelphia blogger found!

Welcome to my newest series… Hot New Shit: Amazon.  I’ve rounded up my favorite items that I’ve grabbed over the last month. This is a collection of fashion, beauty, and randomness. I’m only semi-sorry for furthering your Amazon addiction. I own and can attest that everything on the list is awesome.  The best part? Literally, only one thing is over $30.

Shopping on Amazon made easy! Check out all the awesome fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds this Philadelphia blogger found!

This bathing suit made the list because I’ve never felt so comfortable in my life. The brand is CupShe so it’s not a random brand where you don’t know what the quality will be. You’re good to go here.

Shopping on Amazon made easy! Check out all the awesome fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds this Philadelphia blogger found!

Puff Me Light // I first came across this hair powder a few years back, I saw this viral FB video and the girl got so MUCH volume from just the powder that I was super intrigued. I’ve used it ever since then they came out with the LIGHT version for those of us with thin/fine hair and it was even better. If you lack volume. Go get this.

Sunglasses Two Pack // Quite honestly I just got tired of paying $60 per pair of sunglasses that were all over Instagram. SO I went on the hunt for something different and stumbled upon this set. You get two pairs of sunglasses for $15. Are you kidding? AND they’re awesome quality. They have a ton of different color combos.

Halter Bathing Suit // This is another suit from Cupshe, the quality is amazing. It fits TTS and it’s SO cute.

Tank Top // Ok we’re calling this the PERFECT FOR ANYTHING tank. You can rock it by itself. Dress it up under a blazer. Throw it on under a cardigan in fall. The color selection goes on and on. It’s super affordable.

The Perfect Cardigan // Want to feel like you’re draped in the softest material ever? But you don’t want to spend $40? Go get you this. Tons of colors available too.

Floral Joggers // Dude. You need these. They’re legit the comfiest pair of pants I’ve ever put on my body.

R+Co Dry Shampoo Paste // Yes, a paste. Not a spray that’s gonna leave your hair a different color when you’re done. This even works well for freshly washed hair if you want that piecy textured look.

The Original Shoe Cleaner // Nobody likes dirty shoes. This cleans the whites of your shoes so well that they look brand freaking new.

Foam Roller // I’ve been hitting it HARD in the gym. The soreness is so real. I knew I had to invest in a foam roller. This one has different ridges in it for different amounts of pressure. Love.

Striped Jumper // I now own this in two colorways and have another on the way. It’s comfy enough that you feel like you’re wearing pajamas BUT cute enough that you can dress it up and wear it out.

Neon Visor // Here me out. You’ll maybe look like an alien and your husband won’t want to walk with you (totally happened) but you know what? You won’t have sun damage or wrinkles so do you boo.

Sleeping Mask // While they look like bras they’re a three pack of the best sleeping mask I have ever used. Complete blackout.

Facial Roller Set // I love facial rolling so this duo was a no-brainer when I misplaced my original rose quartz roller. This helps keep your skin tight, you see immediate results for puffiness and irritation. They both stay super cold and you can pop them in the freezer for extra cooling. It’s especially great if you feel a headache coming on.

Striped Romper // This cute little romper is one of my favorite purchases ever.

Mastering Your Mean Girl // I’m always down for a good self-help book and I’ve been enjoying this one so much.

Sun Hat // Again, repeat after me, I do not want sun damage or wrinkles. These hats are my jam, I have three. There are a ton of sayings to choose from!

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